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Thread: Another damn bailout?

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    Default Another damn bailout?

    Now pharmaceuticals companies are trying to get their hands on tax payers money. The Umbrella Corporation wants 100 Billion dollars or else they might go under by June of this year. I am all for supporting drugs and cures but I won't support a company that wiped out a whole damn city.

    Umbrella Corporation requests government bailout - News at GameSpot

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    That's pretty funny.

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    That's the problem inherently created when the government starts manipulating the natural process that allows firms that have been mismanaged to fail. They've gone down the road of not allowing failure and it's a royal mess now.

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    Where can a normal guy like myself apply for some bailout money? Do i go to Obama's website? I figured everybody else is requesting funds so i should also.

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    The real question do the zombies feel about this?!

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    Hmmmmmm. My projectors broken, I could sure do with a new one

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    I'm pretty sure it was under completely by Resident Evil 3.
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    I'm at a loss off words. The pharmaceutical companies are perhaps the most evil corporations on the planet. To give them money, would be like making the Devil the new ruler of Earth.

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    AIG got their $180 Billion faster than California got its $42 Billion.

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