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    Red face Hello all

    Umm you can call me PB I guess haha

    Iím really shy. I have social anxiety and while most people with it are fine with online chatting I carry it over. It takes a bit to get me to open up. Sadly the anxiety has effected my life to a point of near agoraphobia so I donít have a job or school. I do help my mother out with her daycare though. I do most of the online work and finding crafts to do.

    I'm not too into diaper play but that might change if I find the right mommy or daddy. Iím what youíd callÖah..a little plump haha So Iím working on loosing weight. Hopefully then I can find more little things that fit and that I can use. Iím more interested in the regression aspect. Iíve had some things happen around age five that changed my life so think that is likely the driving factor.

    I love reading and read almost all day. I love to read fanfiction. Itís fanfiction that has opened many paths of interest. I love to do crafts.

    Umm I guess Iíd just like a mentor or just someone to talk to? I mainly joined the forum just to wet my toes as I haven't had any interaction with the scene. I'm still figuring out what I like.

    uummm I hope this is good and not creepy? Hope I didnít overshare.

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    Hey, that's a great intro! Welcome!

    What kinds of fanfiction are you into?

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    AH thank you!

    I mostly into slash fiction, Male/Male, for some reason I can identify more with a male character then a girl. For the last year Sterek(Stiles Stilinski/Derek Hale from teen wolf) has taken over my reading life haha I used to jump fandoms a lot but when Sterek came around I fell hard and haven't been able to move on.

    What about you, what kinda fanfiction do you like?

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    Oh I used to read anything Motion Picture era Trek I could get my hands on ... honestly the stuff online was seldom worse than what you'd buy from Del Ray...

    I read a bit of Harry Potter fic when that was a thing. Totally into Hermione/Snape or Hermione/Luna ... I mean ... Ron? Seriously?

    Recently I remember reading a bit of My Little Pony stuff ... ah... that's not weird right?!

    You know honestly now I get a lot of my slash kicks from Tumblr and other comic/art sites! Like I know there's some good Overwatch fic out there, but I'd rather just lookit the silly toons...

    What kinda crafts do you enjoy?

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    Ah I used to read some Harry Potter stuff. I loved Fred/George fics but after the last book it got too sad! I think If I'm ever in the mood I'll have to look up some Hermione/Luna. I never really thought of it before. I might be able to relate because I identify with a little bit of Hermione but me and Luna could be peas in a pod! haha

    Oh totally not weird. While I've never been too into MLP there are a lot of others who love the show.

    I had to make myself separate from Tumblr cause I got way too addicted to it, spending 9+ hours on the site a day! haha I haven't been on it in over a year and now I feel weird and can't find my groove to get back on the site.

    I'm not overly good at crafts but I love to do all different things. I help my mom find crafts to do in her daycare so crafts for the five and under age range I rock at lol I can do basic sewing. Mainly I repair busted pillows and ripped dog toys from my pup. I like to do all sorts of paper crafts.

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    Wow, crafts for 5 year olds? I bet you'll be popular around here! At least amongst us littles...

    *schemes on how to get you to teach us a class*

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    'Art Time With PB ' sounds fun! I'll have to think about how I could to it

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    Oh I love crafts! *yay*

    I like grown up crafts too... have you ever done any sculpy/fimo stuff?

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