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    I often enjot peeing and pooping in my baby diapers. However, I can smell my messy diaper, and it smells afterwards. Is there anyway to control the smell?

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    You can take depleated charcol or chlorophill tablets, like Nullo - That will help take the smell out of your messes from the inside out.

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    Quote Originally Posted by George7789 View Post
    Is there anyway to control the smell?
    Don't do it? I mean, it's shit. You wanna know how to make your shit not stink. You can't...because it's shit. You can mitigate the smell somewhat with tablets (as already mentioned) but it will stink...because it's still shit.

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    you could try some of the tight fitting plastic or rubber pants, but other than that and the pills, really not that much you can do.

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    I mean like others have said you can try rubber pants or take tablets. Really if your somewhere that the smell is a problem than you shouldn't be messing in the first place if you can avoid it.

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    rubber pants can cut smells, using diapers designed to fit adults helps, chlorophyll will reduce odors, use some type of adult scented talc (or baby if you prefer),vitamin c is said to help. For cleanup, use wipes, scented mini trash bags and store those bags in a big scented trash bag. At times having an odor will be an issue, don't poop if you can control it.

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    There is really not anyway to eliminate the smell. You can do things to reduce it. I tried the pills but the green poop was gross and it didn't help that much. I'm just careful about clean up, double bag the diaper and put it in the trash. That keeps the smell down a lot. If I know someone is coming over, I take everything to the dump

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