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Thread: Thank you XP medical - Seni Diapers delivered

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    Default Thank you XP medical - Seni Diapers delivered

    I received my first order of "Real" diapers from XP medical. I was torn about what to buy and wanted to keep the cost down some. Thanks to many people on this forum for your reviews and experiences with various brands. I am a DL and not AB so I chose Seni for this first order. Since I wear to bed and want to wear in public under jeans I decided to get two different versions. So far I had been using CVS brand which provide some protection and the feeling of diapers.

    So I decided I really wanted the Seni Quatro for night time but was concerned about them being too bulky for daily use. So I picked Seni Super Plus for non-bedtime use. The plain brown box was delivered today, Saturday, so I was home and was super happy with the shipping time and cost and packaging. Since I ordered only two bags it was not too obvious. I am hiding my DL from my kids so I would prefer that they do not know. My wife helps a lot with this now. She is even suggesting a little diaper play tonight.

    So I tried the Seni Super Plus and was blown away. I am so glad I connected on this forum and ordered the Seni brand. Can't wait to try the Quatro!!!

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    I used to use the seni super plus. For the price point at the time it was one of my fav. Also the tapes and side are diff from other cloth back. Great for wearing outside of the house

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    So I tired the Quatro and I love them. Still in my over night. I had to drop of someone this morning and wore my Quatro under jeans. They are a big bulky but still not very noticable. I think I chose well.

    What other brands should I try.

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    Seni Quatro are great diapers. I prefer plastic diapers but I do mix these into the rotation sometimes. They hold an astounding amount.

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    I can't say enough about these diapers. I have worn them in almost all places. To bed, under jeans out shopping or just sitting watching TV. As a DL I love using my diapers for #1 and #2. I do have some sexual tie as well so I will include #3 as well sometimes. Today was one of my best experiences as I used overnight in bed wetting twice. Had to go to a dentist appointment so I did not wear. Then I returned home and had to go #2 so I put it back on wetted one more time and then #2. Super Awesome day.

    I have also worn the Quatro for more than 12 hours wetting 6 times without any leaks. I like wearing these to bed cause the are so thick and are really comfortable.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ScruffyDL View Post
    What other brands should I try.
    Dry24/7 is nice. I'd also recommend trying ABU simple at least once in your life if you want best of the best as far as diapers that are soft, absorbent, and have ridiclous capacity (you're probably not going to hide them under clothes though).

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    Thanks! I was planning on ordering the Dry24/7 in my next buy. I will have to look at ABU. Many people have said they like them.

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    Senis are pretty nice, I generally keep some on hand. Admittedly I liked them a lot better before the redesign, but they're still not bad.

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    Last weekend was a slow weekend so I wanted to start with a Seni Quatro on Friday night. I started playing PS4 "Uncharted 4" about a month ago and was hooked. So my wife got me the new remastered 1,2,3 versions. So I plugged that in and started to play. I was still dry when I went to bed but was feeling my bladder full. My first wetting was about 1am then again at 4am. I did not have any obligations in the morning so I was able to get up about 8am and start to play PS4 again. I guess this might be the little side of me to just glue myself to the TV and wet when I needed to. I have a 1 liter bottle that I always have with me for water. It was after lunch when my wife decided she had to go shopping which gave me some alone time. After 6 wettings I decided to add a mess and go clean up. After a shower I went back to the PS4 for a while. I really enjoyed the Seni Quatro.

    Saturday night I did not wear anything. Sunday morning I was up watching Supercross that I had recorded the night before and after lunch I was back to the PS4 in a Super Plus. My wife went out with our daughter giving me again some alone time. The SuperPlus held 3 wettings and a mess without any issues. I was sitting on the couch all that time which filled the front completely.

    I wanted to add some more experiences with Seni Super Plus and Quatro.I am really glad I purchases both at the same time cause there are some differences in the tapes. The Quatro has really nice tapes that can be reapplied many times while the Super Plus has double tapes which work well. I find that my usage fits the Super Plus better than the Quatro. I don't NEED the capacity of the Quatro and even the Super Plus has enough capacity for most of my uses. I have had great long term (12+ hours) experiences so keep a few on hand will be fun. In general these both hold a lot! I really like the SAP as it doesn't clump much.

    I am running low on my stash so I am planning on another buy. I think I will get another pack of Super Plus as well as trying another brand.

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