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Thread: What's a good "replacement" Bambino?

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    Default What's a good "replacement" Bambino?

    Hey so, I've caught the news that Bambino is nosediving in areas of quality and customer service because of their new $200-per-70, ultra-stretch, weirdo dancing dino's-in-diapers "diaper", the magnifico. From what I know, they've dialed back the quality of loyal, long-loved classics such as Bianco and Classico, so I'll no longer be buying from them... (As evidenced by the "Classico 2016 updated diaper review" in the forums)... And lied to us publicly on the account of the tarnished quality.

    Despite my personal sour grapes with the company, I'm not here to bash them, as long as they kept producing what I used to consider the "Pampers of the ABDL world", and my go-to economical manbaby option for diapers, but they didn't. My eyes are wandering.

    So I'm looking to ABU but their prices have always been a notch too high for diapers a bit too impractical. There's also Barebums, Rearz, Crinklz/Cuddlz whatever, and Fabines, all of which are hiked up in the price department. Bambino used to be "budget-friendly" and be used interchangeably between night time diaper and daytime option.

    What do you think will replace the Bambino "Classico" as the flagship ABDL diaper? What are good recommendations?
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    Bambino has always been my go-to diaper for a long, LONG time...I started buying them right after the release of the Teddies, and had been immensely happy with them until very recently.

    They've had TWO large price raises on their diapers in just the past year (a case of teddies used to be around $68). And while I could swallow this price increase IF the quality of their diapers went up own personal observations with them (teddy and bellisimos at least) and the reports all across these forums and others, has been that they have indeed gone down significantly in quality.

    I've really been happy with ABU products (LittlePawz/Space), which I just started giving a try lately. But to answer you're question, I HIGHLY reccomend the NorthShore Supremes.

    They're at a very good price point, and with the plastic backed version that I've tried, they're very comfortable and hold a TON. I know they're not technically ABDL diapers, but...if you're looking for value, you can't do much better than them, in my experience.


    It also seemed like the new-ish ABU Preschool diapers are a pretty darn good value!
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    With what little experience I've had with premium diapers, I'll echo Dan09: ABUniverse makes some pretty quality diapers. I just tried out LittlePawz today, and can safely say they're the comfiest diaper I've ever worn. They're also very highly absorbent- I went through a 20oz Powerade, 2 32oz water bottles, and 3 cans of Mountain Dew over the course of 2.5 hours and didn't even come close to saturating them (I had to go do something that wouldn't permit me to wear diapers, and it could be weeks before I get to wear diapers again). I've also tried Super Dry Kids, and was impressed with them. Their design is pretty close to Bambinos, but it uses 2 tapes instead of 4, which can take some getting used to, and I don't think they have nearly as much capacity, though I did wear that one for about 4 hours. ABU is on the more expensive side, though:

    -Their top-tier diapers (LittlePawz, Cushies, and Space) are 35 for a 10 pack, 85 for 40, and 168 for 80.
    -Mid-tier (Super Dry Kids, Lavenders, Simples) come in at 33, 79, and 147, respectively
    -They also have Preschools, both plastic and cloth backed versions, at a lower price: 27, 70, and 110, though their performance probably doesn't compare to their other products. I haven't tried them yet.
    -If you want to try ABU diapers before dropping 30+ dollars on a pack, you can order a sample for 12 dollars with any combination of 2 of their diapers
    -You can also order them with baby powder scent, which also seems to help mask the odor when they've been used, at an extra cost proportional to the amount of diapers ordered. Its 5 bucks extra on the 10 packs.

    For sheer price-to-performance, IMO, you can't beat Abena Abri-form X-Plus, AKA Abena M4s (or S4/L4, depending on your size). You can get a 14 pack off Amazon for 20 bucks, and they have a capacity comparable to many premium diapers (see the reviews on this site). North Shore Supremes supposedly challenge them, but I haven't tried them.

    I don't know much about Bambino, but to my understanding, the Classico was basically the first real ABDL diaper widely available, so by significance and impact alone, I doubt anything could really replace it.

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    There are so may diapers on the market sometimes it's hard to pick a good one. Abenas and Molicare perform great. As of late, I've been using the Comfi Dry 24/7. Admittedly they are a bit pricey but you do get what you pay for. I've never had a problem with crystal migration since I stopped making slit in them for wetness flow into an outer diaper. I enjoy the extra capacity of the dry 24/7 as a "diaper liner" for my pull-up cloth diaper with plastic pants. It makes messy clean-ups much easier since the poopy mess stays mostly in the disposable. Instead making slits Inow poke a bunch of pin holes in the plastic shell. This combination thick enough for my liking and has great capacity. I've been thinking of using a less expensive brand as a disposable liner with a couple of cloth diapers with plastic pants. Just haven't gotten around to it yet.I ware pretty much 24/7 because of severe bowel urgency and my current set-up is for mostly practical reasons. I will admit to being in an abdl mood from time to time. A little bulk producing fiber loading and I can enjoy multiple BM's with incredible, enormous volume.

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    Default ABUniverse Surpasses Bambino

    I'm certain that the Bambino Dynasty is falling to the rise of ABU. ABU is making a superior product, at a reasonable price, and they truly care about their customers AND the community. My girlfriend communicates with their leadership from time to time, and they are really fantastic people. I don't think anyone out there runs their business better, or is more reliable.

    Also, ABUniverse diapers are much more absorbent and better fitting than Bambino ever were. They are worth the little bit of extra price because they go a lot further. I'm hoping to try some of the other, "ultra-premium", diapers out there like Rearz Safari, Tykable, and Fabine. However, I suspect I will always keep coming back to ABU.

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    i stopped getting diapers from them over 3 years ago. ABU has blown them away and make the best diapers!!!!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Braves26 View Post
    -Their top-tier diapers (LittlePawz, Cushies, and Space) are 35 for a 10 pack, 85 for 40, and 168 for 80.
    -Mid-tier (Super Dry Kids, Lavenders, Simples) come in at 33, 79, and 147, respectively
    But the LittlePaws, Space and Simples are all the same absorbency, Cushies are less absorbent than the Simples.

    LittlePaws, Space and Simple are their top of the line products in absorbency. Only difference is the graphics and the Simples are slightly lower cost.
    The Preschoool diaper seem to be the mid tier diaper and the SDKs, Lavender and Cushies are their 2 tape, but still pretty absorbent, diapers.
    Plus pricing is variable because of the "Baby Scent" option.

    If you were rating by "babyishness" and for looks then I apologize if that was the case, I thought you rated by absorbency >~<

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    Try the Rearz Safari - you can get those from Bambino, too if you like.

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    I'm gonna echo the rise of ABU. Bambino was the best and really only good diaper for a long time, but the Space/Littlepawz/Simple line (same diaper, just pattern differences) blows away all the old bambinos. That said, the new magnifico, while *very* expensive, is probably a tad better even than the ABU premium diapers. So, depends how much money you're willing to spend.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Jonnythepony View Post
    Probably could've done a better job of making it clear, I was referring to their price range.

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