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    Default What are you doing today

    Tell us about your best pranks.

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    .....My English teacher gave my class a pop quiz on Macbeth to which we all replied "haha, April fools! Right???" and he just shook his head.... Ugh. It sucked.

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    None. YESTERDAY I Tried Killing Myself By Way Of My Dogs Choker. I Got Bored At Still Being Able To Breath, And Gave Up.

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    Quote Originally Posted by laram5 View Post
    none. Yesterday i tried killing myself by way of my dogs choker. I got bored at still being able to breath, and gave up. :d
    you torture animals?

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    No? I Was Trying To Kill Myself, Using My Dogs Choker.

    Choker = Chain That You Put Round A Dogs Neck, And Attach The Lead To, So It Doesn't Run. If It Does, The Choker Pulls On Its Neck, Making It Stop.

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    I was working. And this guy came up, and I was giving him his change, and he goes "You dropped a 20" so I look down, and I'm searching, and he goes "April Fools," and i was kinda ticked.

    Then my supervisor she had her going for a bit looking in her pants cuff for the 20 that didn't exist.

    So we were in the office, and I told her she dropped a 20, and she actually started looking. It was kinda funny.

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