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Thread: Super dry kids V2 or Cushies Medium

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    Default Super dry kids V2 or Cushies Medium

    Does any one have any cases of either SDK V2 or cushies V2 vintage medium diapers from last year that they would want to sell. What I am looking for is either diaper that has 3/17/16 stamped on the plastic bags as they seem to fit me much better. Also willing to trade for ORIGINAL tena slip maxi diapers as I have a few cases left in size medium.

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    I thought the fit was the same and hasent been changed since the v2.

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    There are slight differences and for sure. Even the tapes on the last order don't hold up like the first order when they first came out with the sdk V2. In the morning when getting up there almost ready to fall off. The first Order when they came out with V2 the diaper also fit differently. I have only a few left and the sizing / fit seem to be different. So I will make offers if anyone has original stock when SDK's V2 when they first came out.

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