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Thread: Going to CapCon?

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    Default Going to CapCon?

    Hey there friends! CapCon 2017 is right around the corner! Are any of you attending this year? If so, please feel free to check out my video where I talk a little bit about what to expect at Capcon and what they expect from you as an attendee:

    If you are a returning attendee, I hope to see you there! If this is your first time, great job for being brave! I can't wait to meet you as well! If you aren't going this year, don't forget to be on the lookout for next years tickets. I am not sponsored by Cap in anyway, just want to share this magical weekend with everybody. Take care!

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    first off sorry to burs your bubble but a lot of people here on this site may not want others to know they are going for privacy reasons.

    trust me when I say I wish I was going it looks so amazing maybe one day I will make it there even when I do go you will only know it's me once I am there at the con.

    btw great video.

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    This sounds like a lot of fun... Wish I had known about it earlier.

    I'm curious what their capacity is... They apparently managed to sell out before posting any activities/speakers or schedule of any kind on their website. It already doesn't seem like it's very well organized, but if it's still a thing next year, I might try to attend. My wife and I are looking for events like this.

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    Nice video, thanks for the explanation! I've never been to one of these cons, and sadly I don't think I'll be able to this year either. My vacation time has been limited and is mostly used to visit family, so getting away for something like a con would be tough. But who knows, maybe at some point I'll go to one.

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    Hope you have how amazing time.

    I going to LBL this week end and meeting up with some Little freands.
    I go to these meets as much as posable.

    It would be great to come to the us and goto this or tedcon.

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    This will be my first time going this year, I'll be going with my girlfriend, it's also her first time going as well.

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    Their site says they're sold out for 2017 and to try again for 2018.

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    I believe they are around 500 or so attendees this year. They don't release an official number until the actual con itself. The numbers have definitely been growing though for the past few years. Definitely try and check out Capcon next year, as they have just recently sold out for this year.

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    If I ever get the money for transportation and someone to go with I'd do it.

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