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Thread: Digging in your diaper like toddlers

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    Default Digging in your diaper like toddlers

    I'm aware that toddlers sometimes like to have fun with their diapers and/or the contents thereof. Some like to dig in their diapers as if their searching for "treasure" and take out what is supposed to stay in there (pieces of the diaper, urine soaked diaper gel, or....the other....stinky thing). Sometimes thats it and other times they like to have fun with what treasure they have pulled out and spread it about. Others like to rip up their diapers into shreds either when their clean, wet, messed, or both. This results in a colossal mess and it can be a hard habit for toddlers to break. I have read that they do this "fun" behavior sometimes because the contents are an interesting, squishy texture they like to feel between their fingers and its spreadable (much like why they like to play with Playdoh). Another explanation of why they rip up diapers is that they just want to get out of them so that they can be naked. They're just exploring and are curious as almost all, if not all, toddlers are. As a result, sometimes I also enjoy digging around in my diaper and ripping it up when it is wet and sometimes when it is dry. (I never play when messed I think its gross and I wouldn't want to deal with that kind of cleanup anyway when I am done with my regression moment.) I know this can be messy so I only do it in either the garage or in the tub. Does anyone else ever regress in a similar manner to explore in their diaper to find a squishy "treasure" to play with or rip their diaper up to have "nakee" time?
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    Can't say I ever do. Like most any adult male I have had to "make an adjustment" at times, though there are also times when I'm fully intending to do more than "explore". Both times though, that's either in a bathroom or bedroom. As for "nakee" time, I typically give myself about 5 minutes of it each morning and evening so my skin can air out. Quite practical really.

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    Even as an older Autistic adult with Cerebral Palsy, occasionally I will "smear my mess", if feeling frustrated or bored.

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    i like to play with the squishy gel but I normally use babies nappies and warm water

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    I couldn't bring myself to do something like that.

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    Not AB or a "digger" but I have enjoyed the squishie mess of an exploded, (pee only), diaper in my pool and bath tub many times.

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    Have never dug in or played with diaper SAP, but I have played with and swam in a pool full of squishy baff
    It's basically a bath full of diaper SAP without the diaper. Exact same stuff just packaged differently

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    Quote Originally Posted by Sheepies View Post
    Have never dug in or played with diaper SAP, but I have played with and swam in a pool full of squishy baff
    It's basically a bath full of diaper SAP without the diaper. Exact same stuff just packaged differently
    That sounds amazing! I'm not sure I could ever do that as I always carefully collect the gel in the tub after I am finished probing and tearing apart my diaper. I never let it go down the drain out of fear of it clogging the drain. I always think worse case scenario that I would have to call a plumber to fix it and that would be very awkward for the plumber to get all that out and the conversation after...

    I LOVE the feeling of the squishy sap. Its just another interesting dynamic that only a diaper is able to provide. First the diaper begins soft and you just want the smooth cottony feel against your skin. Then after it gets wet, the warm gel is another feel that, while different, is also desirable. This compounds the usefulness of the diaper. Both wet and dry diapers feel GREAT! While it appears that not many others enjoy digging in their diapers there are a few out there. I was starting to wonder if I was odd and alone on this. However, its nice to see that there are other people that feel the same about the sap. I'm so glad to see that other people also enjoy the feeling of the sap and have fun with it, too.

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    I haven't dug in my diaper... yet.

    I will most likely do this at some point, probably when I'm regressed and feeling a bit naughty and curious. However i need a way to self discipline myself as i feel that this is breaking a rule and Daddy would not let me do this. Which is proving to be tricky when Daddy is not there.

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    Its fun on occasion! I have done it plenty and, to me, the adventure of exploring was well worth the time spent cleaning it up after. Have fun when the time comes!

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    I can't ever imagine digging into my diaper x.x
    Sounds kind of gross. Playing with SAP ... ok not really terrible I suppose, but a messy diaper? ... Just too icky. Sounds like a nightmare.

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