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Thread: Fab Sense City Print!

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    Default Fab Sense City Print!

    So I had to post because I have the best girlfriend in the entire world and she somehow found these diapers and ordered a pack! I think they're awesome! A little thinner than abu's or rearz but awesome non the less. What do y'all think?!

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    You're a lucky man. I hope to find a girlfriend half as good as yours.

    The diapers are cute by the way.

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    I've seen these around before and think they're really cute.
    Really wish they had more designs but as far as I know, this is their only one.
    Maybe even considering ordering a bag of these sometime.

    I agree with Kryan in that you're a lucky man lol

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    Quote Originally Posted by alexchar1982 View Post
    anyone know where to get them?
    You can get them from agecomfort in Canada.

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    Fabulous what a champion girl you have.

    They look great and I would love some myself.

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    They are a cute diaper. Ordered them from Canada and it took a while. A little to costly to be used everyday. Have four left for extra special times.

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