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Thread: What's more embarrassing? Starting off as an adult and then slowly grow more younger physically but not mentally or waking up in a younger body?

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    Default What's more embarrassing? Starting off as an adult and then slowly grow more younger physically but not mentally or waking up in a younger body?

    Okay, so the entire question couldn't fit in the title, but my version basically gets the point.

    This is a question that asks several questions. First, what do you think would be more embarrassing: being cursed to slowly grow younger physically but not mentally or waking up in a younger body and THEN slowly growing even younger? Or any combination that you can think off.

    I posted a topic some time ago, it's more or less similar (but only very vaguely) but I'll link it here so you can compare and read what I wrote there:

    I'm asking because I'm having trouble choosing between two scenarios:

    Scenario 01
    My character will start off in his early teens and will then, through the monthly curse slowly grow smaller in height so he'll appear younger. Through the curse, he'll be 'compelled' to act the age 'he appears to be' or the way people perceive him to be.

    Scenario 02
    Scenario 02 is more or less the same as 01 with the exception that he'll start of as a pre-teen. I'm having trouble decided his starting age and whether or not he'll look young for the age he is. I'm leaning towards either eight

    Or do any of you perhaps have a better idea that could work? I've worked out most of the bugs and am in the process of writing the 'prequel' that focuses on 'why' my character picks his choices.

    Now, in case you're confused about what I just said, let me summarize it.

    Like I said, I am in the process of writing a cyoa story. (create your own adventure) A cyoa story is where your character makes a number of choices that you are given through images you can find on the web and with those images you'll then write a story. In my case, I am writing a Naruto fanfic based on cyoa and I've written a complication that I hope is worth the four points I have given it.

    Like I said though, I have worked out the character sheet already and I really need to make a decision. I'm really hoping that someone could help me out by pointing out something or giving a convincing argument for either scenario or for whatever thing you think of yourself.

    Now, I have to say in advance, that technically this story should have nothing to do with abdl related things. Why are you posting this here then? i can hear you think. Well, that's because I can ask it here without anybody jumping to conclusions.

    It's important that I don't push it too far. It's for that reason that I'm having doubts between scenario 01 or 02. Scenario 01 won't make it 'urgent' immediately but scenario 02 will put some serious pressure on my character in order to either find a cure or to 'control' the de-aging.

    Lastly, can any of you think of an acceptable / and / or believable 'cure' and / or control for the curse?

    If there is anyone who is interested in helping me, advising me or just generally interested, feel free to send me a pm so I can tell you more about it.

    forgot to ask something else:
    Does anyone know a story that follows the concept of a werebaby? as in, de-aging with every full moon and the desperate search for a cure? Or anything like it?

    Edit 02: Or should he be treated as a young(er) child by default? Please, any suggestion is welcome. But back it up with an argument if at all possible. Convince me.
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    I think Scenario 01
    Where your character will start off in his early teens and will then, through the monthly curse slowly grow smaller in height so he'll appear younger. Through the curse, he'll be 'compelled' to act the age 'he appears to be' or the way people perceive him to be.

    Becouse it will give it an organic feel.

    Thanks siysiy

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    I like the first option of simply growing younger more slowly. I like this option because it would give me a chance to learn to deal with the situation. Having myself thrown into the younger age immediately seems too much of a blow.

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    I go with #1 as well, especially as his body becomes younger, he'll lose bladder and bowl control. That should be embarrassing, I would think.

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    That was my preference too as well actually Thank you all very much for your responses.

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    I also think #1 is better. Especially for a CYOA story, it offers people small amounts of change at a time, letting them choose different things and giving you a lot more material available to write. If you start immediately younger, it's all going to go very quickly, with the person also probably starting out by getting into a big fight and getting in trouble or hurting themselves.

    That said, if you want to create a sense of panic, that's what option 2 is for. It leads to explosive confrontations right off the bat, and could be a way to hook the reader into a story with a lot of action right away, so it depends on what your goal is for the thing you're writing.

    Also, if you're doing a cure, I'd offer you two suggestions. One is to base it on the werewolf side. Things like silver and belladonna that are wolf banes could be modified to be banes to a werebaby curse. Perhaps make that specifically something reserved for adults, like a steel watch or similar that you'd never give to a baby, or something like broccoli that kids generally don't like. The second suggestion would be to simply make it something poetic for the story. Like, if the kid is disrespectful and gets cursed as a result, the "cure" might be to treat others with respect or to learn how to be polite. That sort of thing.

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    Okay, so I'm pretty much on schedule and my character was gender-bend to a sixteen year old girl. Now, i'm looking for some advice where I can say something along the lines of 'to add insult to injury'

    This could either mean he looks like a tomb boy, is as flat as a board or looks like a girly girl or perhaps there is no doubt that he is a girl. I don't remember if I already mentioned this but if and when he changes back to a boy, he'll be a girly boy. I figured that was also part of a reason why I could make that complication be worth four points. Anyway, I figure that one way to make it worth 'add insult to injurty' if he looks like a boy as a girl and like a girl when he's a boy. But looking like a boy would actually be good for him since he IS a guy so that might not work at all. On the other hand, I've also considered making it random. You know, look like a normal guy once, then a girly guy the next and then a chubby guy... And so on words and so forth. I'm not too sure if I can pull that off though.

    It is only a story though, not really a game or anything and I don't think that would have too much impact on the plot itself. Because despite it being a 'cyoa' I only use that because of the list of powers he was given so technically it really isn't a cyoa. I mean, i'll be deciding things with my dice I found in my home.

    So, what do you guys think?I think I'll just stick with a basic appearance of a sixteen year old girl and the next a regular sixteen year old guy, giving him a false sense of security so that the third / fourth month would be one HELL of a shock.

    Forgot something to add after edit:

    I also want to remind you that technically, my story wouldn't have too much to do with diapers aside from the fact that he could regress and could end up in diapers because he'll appear to be so young. Part of me wants to write it in anyway, but the other tells me that such a thing wouldn't DO much. I mean, when it happens, I can only write so much before it gets boring and I'll be forced to d something about it.

    I would prefer finding some kind of middle ground. Maybe bedwetting as a result from becoming dangerously young even after he was 'reset' to the age he was supposed to be?

    Also, last but not least, I want to explain briefly how I decide things and then I need your help to try and figure something else out.

    Now, I mentioned that there is a ten percent chance that he'll wake up the opposite gender by the first full moon right? So I thought (wrongly apparently according to a friend) that If I chose a number in advance, say ten and then I use a number generator I would have a ten percent chance that the number generator would end up at ten. But apparently that's not right. My friend said something about rolling ten times and if I still didn't have the number then it would be right, but that doesn't make much sense to me.

    Anyway, I figure that there is a very simple way to answer the question if he will grow younger or not. I'm using a number generator for this. One would be Yes, number two would be 'throw again' and number three would be 'no'.

    The thing is, I can't figure out how it would be decided how MUCH he will grow younger. I at first considered something like this:

    More then a year: One
    A year: two
    Less then a year: three

    But how much younger should I go at most? I mean 'now' he is sixteen, so it can be a lot. But let's say I end up with six somehow, that will reduce it to ten years old right? Doing so AGAIN would reduce his age to four and again would put him in the body of a newborn infant. So... yhea, I need a number of rules to decide how much he can grow younger.

    Maybe I should do a way with that 'random' number and pick a 'certain' number and stick with it. That number slowly increasing over time so that he won't notice in the beginning. But this has problems TOO so... Yhea, as you can see I don't know what to do and I could appreciate some help.


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