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Thread: Bad night in pain.

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    Default Bad night in pain.

    Can't sleep back is killing me. Took 2 percocet ,my wife put pain gell on me too. And heating pad. No relief. Please pray for me. Afraid to drive to the ER. Wife doesn't drive.
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    Quote Originally Posted by INCONTAL View Post
    Can't sleep back is killing me. Took 2 percocet ,my wife put pain gell on me too. And heating pad. No relief. Please pray for me. Afraid to drive to the ER. Wife doesn't drive.

    Hope it's not serious. Scary when you can't move.

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    Do you know the cause of the back pain? Is it something like a muscle spasm or something more serious like a herniated disc? o.o;

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    Thanks Maxx. Sapphyre i have degenerative disk deasese and stenosis. I was shoveling snow because my atv was down. So i couldn't plow.

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    That is bad. I've been there and it resulted in surgery. I had a very good neurosurgeon and came home from the hospital in 24 hours. I was back at work two weeks later. I hope you make out as well because back pain ruins lives.

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    Yes it really sucks. My nuroligest said im not ready for surgery yet. He is treating me with nerve blocks. Im also afraid of having it done because folks who i know personally have had bad outcomes from surgery. Glad you have a great surgeon. You were blessed finding him.

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    I had major lumbar surgery over 20 years ago. Helped tremendously. But they said it might only last 10-15 years, as it was degenerative. Now I am looking at 2 surgeries--the first in 2 weeks on my cervical spine, then 3 months later on my lumbar again. I can barely walk these days, and it is continuing to get worse weekly. But I may have to wait to address most of my worst symptoms until the second surgery in 3 months. 2017 isn't starting off very good for me.

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    Just about a week ago I had pretty bad back pain after a long walk outside in the snow. I think at one point when I slipped I tore something or caused some sort of strain. Couldn't really sleep due to it. Didn't seem to matter how I tried to position myself. I am really glad it only last for 3 days.

    I can't imagine have back pain like that all the time due to something serious that required surgery. x.x
    Hope things get better for you.

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    Once during a blizzard I shoveled the snow twice a day for two days. It slushed ice that night and everywhere I shoveled was all black ice. My car was stuck because it couldn't get any traction. Upon giving up I slipped and fell hurting my back.

    My neighbor had not shoveled at all, he was able to get to his car no problem as the ice would break with the compacted snow. He got to his car, pulled out no problem, and drove me to the er.

    Lesson learned. Never shovel snow.

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    I had to do a little shoveling with the last snowstorm, but not too much. I have to park off-road here, in between a bunch of trees. And it's a Front-Wheel Drive car, so at first I was spinning my tires. Then had to break out the shovel. After that, I just had to pull forwards a little (and to the side so I wasn't stuck in the ruts I'd made in the ground spinning my tires the first time), then reversed and floored it. That did the trick. And no back injury so far as I can tell, luckily.

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