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Thread: Review: nuk 5 nipple+fetware bottle.

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    Default Review: nuk 5 nipple+fetware bottle.

    I just bought this bottle from fetware and it's fucking amazing.
    All the other bottles ive had, I've had trouble sucking on due to the shape of the nipple. This one, however, is shaped like a pacifier, which makes it really nice for suction. I can suckle comfortably, for hours. It's really nice and though I literally just got it, it's my absolute favorite thing I've bought. Period.
    The actual bottle is pretty standard, sturdy blue plastic, but the nipple can be screwed onto any bottle so I'll be buying more cutesy ones soon. Maybe with wolves?
    The only down side, as I've found with all bottles, is the fact that as I'm drinking, a vacuum forms and I need to take it out and let air back in. Not sure if that's normal, a product of how I drink, or if there's a simple fix for the bottle.
    All in all an amazing buy and cheap as all heck. Fast shipping as well. I'll be getting more of these as soon as possible!

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    I've used those before but the last one I bought a few years back was so thin that it collapsed when I tried to suck. If they fixed that, I'd be interested to get more in the future.

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    Quote Originally Posted by KryanAshford View Post
    Where's the site. I've looked for it and it isn't coming up.
    I think this is it:

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