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Thread: Urge to pee

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    Default Urge to pee

    Im on the train at the moment which is full of people. Usually I have no problem using my diaper in any situation whatsoever.
    But at the moment it feels as if my bladder is sealed. Im going to explode soon, lol.
    You ever had that feeling that you cant use your diaper?

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    Sometimes on packed trains I get that feeling. I think personally it has to do with just me being nervous about leaking and being in a different position with people around.

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    Yep. One time I tried wetting my Always Discreet at a flea market while my mom was in the bathroom, but just couldn't. Fast forward to about a month ago, and I had no problem wetting my Pull-Up in the library. I guess if I feel like I'm being rushed I can't go. Similarly, if my mom and I are in a public restroom at the same time, I can't go until she's done. Have a bit of a shy bladder.

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    I have had that feeling then a simple shift of my body and the flood lets loose.

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