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Thread: Non-English languages

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    Default Non-English languages

    Anybody here speak any languages other than English?

    Mi Espanol es bueno, relativamente hablando, pero no puedo hablar rapidamente/extemporaneamente bien. Aunque no tengo el teclado Espanol descarga asi que miro tonto en la computadora. Estoy leyendo Borges en Espanol ahora, el es mi autor favorito en el mundo al momento.

    Mon Francais est pauvre, mais je sais quelques phrases et les bases.

    Мой Pусский является нападение на языке в родной Pусский спикер, зато это дерьмо нормально со мной, узнал от Ленинградски лирики. Это все же лучше, чем мой Старославянский.

    Mea Latinum loqui bene quia hodie, sed plerumque malum. Uso lingua Latina & scribo multa mala poemata.

    Val dood, ik spreek geen Nederlands. Und ich spreche nicht Deutsch schweinhund. 哎呀, 闭嘴! 我不说中文.

    What about you guys? Any other polyglots in the house?
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    Je parle un peu franšais car c'est ma langue maternelle

    Soy capaz de comprender (entender?) espanol un poquito pero no hablo desde 11 a˝os, por lo tanto, no puedo conversar muy bien.

    Меня зовут Koda, and that's it (I know a few words as well but not written like "how are you ?", "how much is this ?" "Where is this hotel ?", etc. basic stuff for a tourist)

    私は日本に住んでいました。それじゃ、日本語 を話せます。

    Also, my globish is top-notch.

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    La mia lingua madre Ŕ l'Italiano.

    Ich habe ein kleine Deutsch studiert im mittelschule. (I had studied some Latin too back then but I completely forgot all of it )

    Je comprend un petit peu de Franšais, y un poquito de Espa˝ol, siendo que estan dos idiomas muy similar al Italiano.

    I should start studying some new language a bit more seriously. I have no problem picking up the few words one needs for basic communication when I visit a place I don't know the language of (like Russia, where I've been last summer) but that's nothing like being fluent in a foreign language like, for instance, I am in English.

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    Ouais, Francais est ma premiere langue, mais il y a tres longtemps depuis j'ai habite Quebec; mon Francais s'est rouille!

    My grandfather speaks a bit of Catalan still, but I haven't learned enough to say I really know the language. All it's done is mess me up when I try to learn Spanish to speak with my Latino coworkers!

    I'm also considering learning German, in case the US really does go belly-side-up, so I'll feel right at home in Switzerland

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    Je parle Francais, parsque j'ai attend une ecole Francais quans je suis une enfant.

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    Dzień Dobry!
    Polski to mˇj głˇwny język ktˇrym posługuję się na co dzień. Jeden z najtrudniejszych językˇw na świecie! Chyba.
    if you like having fun. Try to read this: "Grzegorz Brzęczyszczykiewicz, Chrząszczyrzewoszyce, powiat Łękołody" (There you have a video how to pronauce It's from an old polish movie "Jak rozpętałem 2 wojnę światową.")
    Miłego dnia

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    Moderate Spanish but my spelling is horrendous so I'm not even going to attempt it lol

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    Foreign language: english, deutsch(Ich spreche Deutsch aber nich so gut wie English)
    Native language: slovak - I have to admit I can't write in my native language. Lol. Funny thing is I have better grades in english than slovak language. There are just too many rules...

    Which language is the most difficult?

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