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Thread: One T-Bear or Two?

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    Default One T-Bear or Two?

    Every year we approach Valentines Day, and I see all the Teddy Bears in the stores. And it makes me wonder if my one T-Bear should have a mate? Anyone else face this dilemma this time of year?

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    I don't, but a $20 stuffed panda at Walmart did catch my attention this year.

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    Absolutely, but why stop at two.

    I do have two primary teddy bears though. My first one is getting too worn out, so I got another one to extend her life. I do have about 6-7 others though, but they just hang out around my bed.

    (And my wife has 4-5 dozen of her own too, but they are mostly all beanie babies).

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    I love my teddy bears.
    I may just purchase a small one for Valentines day.

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