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Thread: boosters cloth or disposable?

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    Default boosters cloth or disposable?

    i have been using baby cloth diapers as a doubler inside my m4 or dry 24 7 . just wondering what everyone else uses / recommends . do you see a big difference in the reusable and the disposable? where to buy?

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    I use my cloth for sleeping and around the house , I wear disposables for travel , my personal favorite is Angelfluff they are on the more expensive end of diapers but the quality and perfection issue worth it ,though I also enjoy babykin's, when you order a soaker built in at kins they build it into the entire diaper, not just the crotch. They can both be ordered on the Internet or by toll free number, my inserts are all full length full width , I don't like the hourglass shaped ones , not as absorbent.

    Almost all diaper companies sell inserts in cloth and disposable, as for dispers I wear the Northshore supreme with the large insert , Northshore inserted are very good and with the wide crotch can accommodate the large insert even in the smaller diapers .

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    U should try the abena let maxi boosters they are thick and wick very well so its easier to use the whole diaper ^^

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    The use of any booster is to increase absorbency, by sacking up what it can and passing along to the host diaper anything it cant, unless you use something like a maxi-pad that has a waterproof backsheet.

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    I exclusively use cloth boosters in my disposable diapers. Cloth is superior in wicking away wetness, thereby you can utilize the whole diaper, whereas when I used disposable boosters in my disposable diapers only a portion of my diaper was used before it needed to be changed.

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