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    Default Unoriginal Ideas.

    Throughout my life growing up, people generally come up with the most stupid ideas or better yet stolen ideas.

    For example practically 1 in 5 web developers I've come across "want to create the next facebook" not only is that an unoriginal idea everyone fucking wants to do it.

    Even the terms the "next facebook" or the next steve jobs or better yet the next bill gates, there is no fucking NEXT anything stop wanking to buzzwords please.

    Guy came up with many "original names" all registered trademarks or domains owned by other people

    Funny thing is the guy stole the idea of another guy who stole it of another guy.. plus if you can't code properly copy paste code, and better yet steal peoples code and not know how to hash a password properly you aint gonna get a next facebook you'll get the next hacker target xD

    Not trying to be harsh but if you can barely spell the word function or while I'm afriad you aint gonna get far, guy is ok with design but when it comes to actual coding he is on w3schools or stack overflow copying all the code, I kind of pissed him off saying anyone can just copy code and make a site, I did it once just to piss him off. same goes with poetry anyone can write poetry if you copy and paste 90% of it and change a few things around.

    Out of all the things they could do, create a platform that gives information about illnesses, create a platform where people can vent etc, no instead he wants to waste his time on a shitty idea that will flop. (at first he used a god damn website builder #cringe)

    Eh enough of that rant, buzz words drive me insane.

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    Steve Jobs was like that. He stole everything great Apple ever made. Xerox invented "windows". Steve stole it, then Bill Gates stole it from Steve and beat him to market with it. Steve Jobs was really quite a piece of shit. Mark Zuckerfuck stole facebook too. Myspace was before facebook and friendster was before that.

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    i agree with that. i wonder if those people who want to make that "next something" really think that everyone will just stop using the already worldwide popular service to migrate to the other thing that doesn't even have any users. that is, if they even find out about it. and even if they do find it, they most likely still won't want to use it. like that google+ fail for example

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    if i may? evolution requires many, many subtle repetitions of the same thing. eventually, one of those web developers WILL come up with the next facebook: it will be introduced at the right time and in the right way... until then, one million cheap or awkward copies will rise. it takes one person to evolve the entire idea. same thing for everything out there! so let them try... it's a part of nature.

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    Someone will come up with 'the next facebook', and thousands of others will fail trying, or come up with something that pays the bills for a while then folds up. Like evolution in biology, for every successful mutation, there are hundreds if not thousands that are neutral, detrimental or fatal.

    Zuckerberg, Jobs, Wozniak, Edison initially had no idea how big their ideas would eventually become.

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    Honestly, I agree with neopet and Maxx. I mean facebook wasn't the first social media platform. There was a time when myspace was the top dog. If someone wants to try and develop a better social platform, I think that is a great thing.

    But let's be real here, it's not just random people who do this, even large companies do as well. Take the game industry for example. Ever since WoW it has shaped the way MMORPGs these days are developed and many game companies developed their games to try and be the next WoW. They wanted a piece of that pie or to make their own pie. I think it's a pretty natural occurrence and eventually, there will be someone who comes around with their own pie, and everyone will want a piece of theirs as well.

    Apple is a company that is extremely successful ... wouldn't you say? Yet, if you actually pay attention, they are a company who just takes ideas and tries and makes them better. I don't know if apple really can be considered to have many original ideas.

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