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    I'm horrible with money when I bored or in this case depressed. I weirdly find myself wanting to buy something thing it will help. I've just noticed this and need help control this odd problem. Anyone know anything about this? For example I'm playing a star wars game on my iPhone and think I should buy in game credits to increase my chance at something cool in game. Inside I realized it's pointless to get, since at some point the game with end, so my money will be wasted on nothing in the end.

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    I suggest Coffee instead as a decent purchase - especially if you have someone to drink it with; though I'll admit I enjoyed plenty of long hours at the local Denny's drinking cups and enjoying the buzz of the comings and goings of the people who visit Denny's at midnight and beyond!

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    My mom suffered a similar problem without ever realizing it... and actually she still does. As I mentioned in another thread, just 6 years before I went off to college we were in a car wreck, the other driver's fault, and my mother was left with $160k after the lawyer's take and her need to recover. And she just blew it all replacing things she already had when there was nothing wrong with them, and then left me to go to college more-or-less purely on loans (I earned a few scholarships too). To this day, it really irritates me that she cared more about "buying something new" than she cared about her only child. I mean, WTF?

    So I've seen worse examples of it really. It's just a way to fill a need, a void in your life. My suggestion, then, is to face the problem(s) driving it head-on. Take the bull by the horns.

    Make sense?

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    That may or may not actually be doable; I know in my case it's frequently a reaction to depression. The Magical Power of Stuff isn't the best way to cope, but it can work for a bit and when you're that down, any little bit of relief is a bleedin' miracle.
    The place to start might be a mental health professional.

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    I don't see any harm with spending a small amount of money on something that makes you happy and serves as a distraction from the problems in your life. As I've said previously, you need to learn to be kind to yourself. My concern would be that it is being used as a way to avoid dealing with the depression, and secondly, I'll just put out a gentle reminder that you're working on saving your money to get out of the current home environment which has been a contributing factor to the way you're feeling

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    I find myself in the opposite boat; being tight on money and entering a depressive phase seem to coincide often in my life, and sometimes I'll find myself forgoing things like groceries, toiletries, i.e. actual necessities. On the flip side, when I get into more of a manic phase, my inner "kid in a candy shop" kicks in, and the UPS guys are kept very busy with my Amazon sprees!

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