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    Backstory, I have been wearing Confidry 24/7 at nighttime for about a year, but have been experiencing occasional leakage or popped tapes. A few times it has been so bad that we had to change the sheets in the middle of the night (I usually also sleep on a PUL backed bed pad). It is not so much a diaper problem as an erect penis problem.

    So I talked with my girlfriend last night about trying cloth diapers.
    I was pretty nervous because my incontinence is not a subject that I prefer to talk about. She said her hippy mom used cloth diapers (obviously on her) and I should give them a try if I wanted to. She was a bit concerned about the washing aspect, but since she does not participate (changing), overall she said it didn't really affect her. So I am going to order some cloth diapers.

    I am thinking 36x36" flats and a contour diaper. Anyone have any suggestions for cloth diapers that they are really happy about?
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    I use Snap-EZ Adult Regular Rise Pocket Diapers and stuff them with Changing Times prefolded twill diapers for bedtime. A Snap-EZ Pocket Diaper can handle double diapers, ensuring a good, long sleep.

    When away from my home for the night I use a Snap-EZ Adult Regular Rise Pocket Diaper over an ABU Simple with an Abri-let Maxi booster. The Snap-EZ keeps the ABU Simple snug and prevents it from shifting throughout the night (which may be why you're experiencing leaks).

    After many, many years of heavy use, some of my Snap-EZ need to be replaced, as they are starting to wick through the PUL here and there, creating some small damp spots on the cloth exterior if I've been wetting heavily. I've been throwing on a pair of Gary plastic pants, just in case.

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    Nightime prefolds from Fetware. Very absorbent and comfortable. I don't wet every single night so the laundry isn't an issue. I mix 'n match these, some nights I wear disposables. I get the problem us guys have, use 4 pins to make a nice pocket for your business end so even if you're a side sleeper (like me) everything should be contained. Make sure of course you have proper fitting plastic pants.

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    I'm not IC. I use a 4' x 4' terry square (basically a square towel) with 4 pins and XL Gary pants (need to be a size too big to acommodate the towelling).

    If I wore every night I would need to do washing every 4 or 5 days. I rinse the towelling in the morning, leave the towelling on the side of the bath to dry a bit and then put it in a diaper pale (covered bucket).

    I'm not convinced it is the best solution - but it certainly works and I don't ever leak (I was regularly leaking with disposables in bed).

    I am awake when I wet - but in cloth I reckon I wouldn't leak even if I was asleep.
    I tend to sleep on my side - and I have wet while half-a-sleep and leaked badly when in disposables. You can also wet with an erect penis with the cloth nappies as the towelling has enough give and extends higher.

    It is also comfortable.
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    Well I love my Angelfluff ultimate 3 for day but for night I wear the superheavy weight night diaper with three inserts , I over diaper because of really erratic sleep , sometimes I will go a prolonged time without sleep , and other times I will sleep 14+ hours straight and need the capacity. I wear both high rise diapers and plastic pants.
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    I'd recommend a prefold, which has more material in the center. They are still flat and need to be folded/pinned. Mine are from, and are the leakmasters. I have a couple of 36" square diapers, with a 40" waist, and they are barely enough for me. I'd recommend going larger just to have ample overlap on the sides (which is often critical for side sleeping).

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