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    Default What to order next

    Looking at ordering from Abu can't decide lavender or little paws I do want scented but not totally sure about the single tape design and I really like the colour and design of the lavender ones

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    Quote Originally Posted by rennecfox View Post
    they do offer half and half cases
    He's right they do

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    You can also order any of their diapers with the scent. Its 5 bucks extra for a 10-pack of LittlePawz.

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    I have never tried the lavenders, I have worn simples and space which are the same as little pawz. I need to try the two types of preschools sometime just to try something new. Is the lavender smell really strong on the lavenders?

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    I would say at least sample both of them but if you are buying a lot then definitely choose little pawz. Definitely the best from abu

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    I am just not a fan of the single tape design for being leak proof.

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    The single tape design is definitely my biggest concern i had a sample of the cloth backed cushies awhile ago and didn't mind them but they were cloth and i adjusted them several times

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