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    Hi, I'm TheHorrorProf. Not an actual prof, but I am a grad student and teaching assistant studying literature, film, pop culture, and gender. When I'm not dreading grading duties and research papers, I like eating out, going to the movies, and running. I guess my interest in Abdl is mostly little space oriented; diaper+onesie+paci+stuffies=destressed/recharged for me. I'm here mostly to read and find information and support through other posts tbh, but I'm excited nonetheless to join.

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    Hello TheHorrorProf and welcome to the group.

    I sat in on a movie lit class one time and the stuff they were looking at just ruined the whole movie.

    I also heard a lecture by Jack Sumata a consultant on "the lion king" and I can not watch that one either.

    Again welcome to the group.


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    I'm sorry to hear that, though it is a common complaint I think. I personally think being able to scrutinize a film closely can add a great deal of depth. That said, there are certainly films I watch and don't enjoy because of how poorly constructed they are.

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    Welcome Prof!

    I wonder if being able to understand the detail of a film is like growing up? Sometimes to go back and enjoy it fully you need to also be able to let go and see the film with fresh eyes?

    What's some of your favorite recent movies?

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    I could see that. I do tend to struggle with staying little when I have kids cartoons/films on, since I start picking them apart. There are a couple exceptions, thankfully.

    As far as recent films go, I've seen much less new films this year (yay grad school). I liked Hidden Figures, Moana, and Star Trek Beyond. Carol, Whiplash, and Moonlight are recent "gold standard" films that blew me away. In category of films not for the squeamish, The Witch and Green Room were my favorite recently.

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    Oh! I loved Moana! Though honestly it's not as good as either Frozen or Hamilton individually, but both those were stand outs! I'm looking forward to Hidden Figures, but I haven't heard of the others...

    *give you the side eye* ... you ... liked ... Star Trek Beyond?

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    Lol, it certainly wasn't the best entry in Trek canon, but I thought it was fun (though a bit predictable and flawed). It might be I enjoyed it mostly because my little pansexual heart was smitten by Jaylah. I'm certainly not anti-action adventure like the stereotype of film academics if that's the sideeye (I do research papers on horror flicks lol), though STB is far from the top of the pile in quality.

    Also, I liked Moana more than Frozen, but that might be because I'm really tired of seeing Frozen stuff everywhere. Hamilton is amazing though and I don't think I have much to compare with it (I do like musicals, but can't really think of any that I can make an easy comparison to that reach it).

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    Yeah I like action adventure movies well enough. I just thought Star Trek Beyond was pretty ... dull. Like it was all "Let's be scared and excited because something big is gonna hit something big real hard!" and "Oh noes, is mr mc punchy strong enough, gritty enough? Oh whew he is!" over an over ...

    Jaylah was cool though. She can be my older sister anyday! I'll def watch the next one though 'cause you can always hold out hope that Spock and Kirk will smooch!

    Tired of Frozen?! I assure you, you haven't been tired of Frozen until you have little girl in preschool where all her friends have singing dolls!!! Still, it's good music and (I think) a good movie ... see there was an action packed climax scene (with big things crashing around) that didn't overstay it's welcome, and was motivated by Anna trying to reach Elsa (physically and emotionally). It actually seemed hopeless (what's one girl on a breaking ice floe going to do against a sociopath with a sword?) which made it less than a preordained test of strength.

    Anypoo ... I liked it. Now I kinda wanna go get little and watch it again!

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