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Thread: scared of one particular movie

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    Default scared of one particular movie

    in all my life i never came across a movie that creeped me out to the point where i was too afraid to watch it. until i decided to rewatch mars attacks.

    the first three times i watched it i had no problems with it, but back in 2007 when i watched it last time, it creeped me out more than i could even imagine and i still can't figure out how that happened. to give you some perspective, i couldn't sleep in a room alone for a year because of it. at some point i even seriously considered seeking professional help. that's how bad i got scared by a simple movie.

    well, actually it's the aliens in that movie that creep me out. in almost every other alien related movie, the aliens look like overgrown mutant bugs and not creepy at all. but in mars attacks, they have that classic creepy alien look with those emotionless eyes that stare straight into your soul, expossed green brains, and to top it off, that ack ack sound they make.. *shivers*

    to me, that movie is creepy on a different level than other creepy movies. if you've seen it, then you probably know what i mean. i can't even look at a picture of those aliens without getting shivers down my spine and if i ever randomly come across such picture on the internet, i'm left feeling scared for hours..

    anyone else had a particularly bad experience because of some movie?

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    Hi. My first reaction to your thread was I laught. Yeah... I'm on your side though. When I was younger I used to watch horrors and records of people who claimed they had seen ghosts and stuff like that. I was really scared too. I believed ghosts exist and they will visit me in the night. That kind of stuff. Now it's funny when I'm adult and know it's just a movie... One particular alien themed movie is scary. War of the worlds. Those creatures are the worst. Really creepy.
    Hey, as I said, it used to be back then. 😀 horors are supposed to be scary, it was made to scary people but once you realize it's not going to hurt you nor anything like that exists then the horor may be funnier than a comedy 😂

    The idea of movie Mars attacks is, in my opinion, to show how different can be two intelligent, living creatures, not to scary people. There were white pigeons(dove) to represent human race as peaceful (as I remember correctly) but aliens think of it as a war symbol. Aliens thought it was a war declaration. Aliens were watching Earth for a long time and before every war declaration, the flag of white pigeon appeared.... I know it's not the point of this thread. I just wanted to share an interesting fact.. Actually it's a good movie. I like it.

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