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    Default Hypnosis question

    Hello i was wondering if anyone has tried the 4 step hypnosis from I noticed these recordings were nore expensive than the rest (130$) compared to the other 30$ ones from other sites.

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    Depending on what you are looking to get out of it.

    if you are looking to get in to Little Space I found briving excerces wokrs.

    let me know if you are interested in knowing more.

    It is what works for me.


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    Unfortunately my account does not have 20 posts yet ): but i am very interested

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    I've tried hypnosis files from baby-pants and MyLittleLullaby...both of which are much cheaper and I'm also a fan of.

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    I have ttied the baby pants one and i do find it effective and one of the best. I think i just have to listen to it more. I was just wondering about the abdlrecordigs one because it has that 4 step process which in turn supposedly works better

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    it's always good if you can get a sample, or something free to give you a feel for the voice and style. Also, my experience from a fidelity point of view is that many files are not made with care with regard to fidelity and especially for editing out extraneous noises like lip smacks and tongue clicks. it's amazing the noises that come out of ones mouth when speaking. these kind of things will push me right out of trance. Another pet peve is files that are pasted together with prerecorded parts. problem here is your voice never sounds the same twice so there are level shifts and you can hear the changes easily. It is always best to record the entire thing fresh. My current favorite is called "My Secret" on in the self help section. It won't be free for 6 months. Good luck and if you do pop for those expensive files, consider doing a review on them.

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    I did not find the recordings from "For Adult Babies" or "ABDL Recordings" to be very good quality. You can find the full versions of their 4-tape system on YouTube.

    That said, hypnosis is all about the mental discipline you put into it. You can learn to love any hypnosis recording if you truly want to achieve the advertised results.

    I've been playing with hypnosis for many years, and I find that there is a lot of garbage out there. Most of the stuff out there is total crap, with most of the hypnotists breathing heavily into cheap, uncovered microphones. Baby-Pants is the cream of the crop... and the old-school DPF recordings are a close second.

    Always look for hypnosis tracks that use language like "when it is safe" or "when it is proper" so that you reinforce your conscious mind's ability to take control back. I find a lot of files try to intentionally side-step this important safety feature, making you less likely to achieve your results, because your mind had a harder time giving up control if it doesn't have a safety-net.

    Good luck!

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    Oo thank you ive been using the baby pants one. That one seems to work lol i think. Slowly but surely ): just sucks cuz i am not able to listen to it everyday

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    Hypnosis has been discussed in length here. I'd suggest you do a search for it.

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    I have searched for it. Its just i couldent find anything on the abdlrecordings one specifically. I only found one post in total from checking multiple sites and it was vauge. Lol ty though (:

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