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Thread: What's Your Little Age?

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    Default What's Your Little Age?

    Mine Is 6 Months ☺❤

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    Honestly there's a wide spectrum, I have a middle side too. Mostly though I'd say I'm around 5.

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    Hrmmm... well for me part of the appeal is being diapered and treated younger than I am 'supposed to be', despite already being little.

    I guess I am comfortable acting emotionally around 7-8. That means I am almost always angelically good, and never ever for sure throw a tantrum or tell a fib.

    I'm precocious though so mentally I enjoy kid appropriate activities targeted at 10-12 year olds! Like, I love Disney movies, an sum anime, or playing Pokemon cards n' stuff.

    Despite that ... I get treated like a 2-3 year old who's not properly potty trained... *blush*

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    About 4 years old for me, old enough to play with "big boy" toys, but not yet potty trained. Not into baby things really.

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    I have a wide range, not sure how "normal" that is...but I range from around 1 year old to around 10 or 11 years old. Just depends on the day which age I feel. I'd say I most often feel around 4 or so.

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    I'm developmentally all over the map. Y'know those Baby1st TV shows that the hands are drawing sand pictures, or there's a hand drawing with a marker, or several cubes come together to make pictures? I love those! Some of the stuff meant for older kids, I'm sitting there going, "This is stupid."

    Other older kid shows check my boxes though. I'd say 18 months is my bottom.

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