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Thread: Tips for stopping Leaks???

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    Default Tips for stopping Leaks???

    Edit: Also, I'm not a huge fan of plastic pants. Looking for anything else. Shouldn't a diaper just work??

    I really, really, really want so bad to relax into the fetish like a baby, and not worry about leaks.

    I currently use rearz safari, (I thought they were the best, right??), And tape them Real tight, especially around the legs. But even then, I pointed down too, While laying on my side in bed, I leaked out the top!!

    Also, leaks seem to happen (when pointing down) out the back of the leg holes.

    I want so bad just to pee and not worry.

    Is there a better diaper than rearz safari? I love them so much.

    I guess leaking out the top, I can just point down even more....But what about leaking around the back of the legs??

    I can't tape the tapes any tighter!

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    Sounds like a too big diaper size for you. Try a smaller size in my opinion.

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    Are you over maxing out the absorbency? Or is it leaking 1st wetting?

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    I would try a size down, I had to have mediums in some but larges in others.. I don't think you have a good fit if you're leaking with those!

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    side wetting is a challenge for any diaper, moreso for disposables. Sleep on your back if you can. Or at least roll onto your back to wet, wait a few minutes, then roll back onto your side. The large rear padding in a diaper is the overnight storage area for urine, send it there.

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    I use Rearz Inspire+ InControl which are just plain white Safari's. The trick with these seems to be not to put the bottom tapes too high, but not too low. After a bit you'll get used to the proper placement for the bottom tapes on them.

    If you're getting the leaks out of the back of the leg holes it sound like you're either running too large of a diaper or you aren't pulling the bottom tapes as tightly as they should be.

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    Are you folding length wise after unfolding your diaper from the pack?

    I get much better usage and extremely few leaks when I do that, makes it channel the length rather than flowing toward the sides.

    You should also avoid floods, never found a diaper that is designed for that... trickle naturally as soon as you feel the need for enough time for liquid take up and locking away.

    Are you hydrated enough? Seems to me the more hydrated you are the better the absorption... guessing less salts and other particles allowing The SAP to do its thing with water.

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    My main advice is practice practice practice. Contrary to popular belief, putting a diaper on so it functions correctly takes skill even if you have the right size diaper. What other people have said counts too but above all keep experimenting until you get it right. I used to have this problem until recently. For reference, here is an old thread of mine asking the same question:

    My other advice is once its on your body, make sure that you fold the edges of the bottom of the diaper so it makes a |_| shape A slight crease in the middle can happen depending on how you put your diapers on but that shouldn't cause too much trouble.
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    I protect my bed properly and use a kylie under my sheet. I wear nappies and plastic pants to bed and sometimes leaks happen but I don't worry about them.

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    if you want to continue side wetting in a disposable, try to get your best possible taping. Do the tops as tight as you can tolerate, and make sure they are low enough to pull the front tight where there is padding. The amount of unpadded plastic varies from diaper to diaper, some have several inches. I slept in a confidry 27 last night, they have a good 2.5" of unpadded plastic at the top, so you would end up with the top tapes very low on them.

    As for the lower tapes, aim to pull the crotch elastic tight into the fold of your front pelvis. Where you put the tapes will vary depending on how that particular diaper fits you, but in general you are aiming the lower corner of the tape to be directed toward the elastic. If the diaper is a bit small on you, you probably won't reach the elastic, so just aim toward it so you are pulling the elastic directly toward the tape. If the diaper is a bit big on you, you might find the tape reaches or overlaps the plastic. In that case I usually aim to tape parallel to the elastic with the tape ABOVE the elastic. Again, attach the lowers as tightly as you can tolerate.

    Remember that your diaper will change how it fits when you bend forward. If you're a side-sleeper that curls up a bit, that WILL make the front elastic go slack when you bend forward. Plan for this when taping up, maybe having to take a bit uncomfortably tight to get a snug fit when laying down and curling up.

    Anytime you have to adjust your tapes in bed, try to remember to take a close look at them in the morning to see where you moved them to, so you can attach the tapes at that location next time to start with. It won't take long to find the best possible taping location.

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