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    So interduced my wife to diapers she wasn't a big fan but I still love them how can I hid wearing a diaper from her when we r so close I can't wear at work as I'm a marine and it would be worse than death to be caught so how and when can I use diapers

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    trying to hide this from your wife isn't the answer. You need to resolve your need to wear with her or you will always be miserable. You'll feel guilty wearing or she'll catch you and get pissed... you need to work it out with her and come to terms about wearing.

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    It's best to have an open conversation, it's a key to relationship

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    Yeah, trying to hide this from her is NOT a good idea. You need to work this out with her. By all means agree to keep it low key, but hidden is not the way to go.

    Though I do understand the diapers as a Marine. Being outed in the barracks was about the most embarrassed I've ever been. And I had/have a legitimate incontinence reason to be diapered.

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