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    Anyone here played Chaser? Itís a janky Slovakian first person shooter from 2003 and my favorite FPS of all time. It has glitchy graphics, horrible voice acting, a script that clearly wasnít written in English, and even spelling errors in the subtitles. It also happens to be genuinely fun, with the best videogame music I think Iíve ever heard, a uniquely gritty sci-fi atmosphere, and quite a long campaign, although the buggy, inconsistent grenade and explosive damage render the last few levels harder than they were probably intended to be. I beat most of the game back in 2005-6, per my save date-stamps, and then progress ground to a screeching halt. Anyway, love this game.

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    Slovakian? Wait a second...😀

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    I have never heard of this game. Well obviously. I was 5yo in 2003 😂. However the game looks good.

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    Yup, Slovakia is where the company is based. Buy it for cheap or try the demo, you probably won't be disappointed.

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