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Thread: aww so cute pacifier

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    Default aww so cute pacifier

    Are the aww so cute pacifier any good or not?

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    I would advise against them, I find them to be thin and flimsy.

    I recommend going with the brand. they are my absolute favorite!

    I know that sheepies found a set of 3 pacis for about 16 dollars (3 Abdl pacis) however, I dont remember what the brand was. I remember she found them on amazon.

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    Is the Cuddlz or abdreamland Adult Dummy / Pacifier any good.

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    were still looking for a binky for my princess the NUK 5 medic pro last the longest with her LOL the rest she will chew though in less than a month

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    I really like my (pacifiersrus) paci; though it looks like their new site may be under attack right now from malicious code.

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    I bought the abdreamland because cheaper for me at the moment.

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    I personally like the texture of the ASC pacifier but it's definitely cheap. On mine the test is slightly crooked (and have heard this from others as well) and the shield I feel is a bit small and scratches my lip a little. Kinda annoying because I really like the silicone they use.

    Haven't tried Cuddlz but I've heard pretty poor reviews of their paci as well. I've never heard of ABdreamland before.

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    I don't know much about ASC pacis but they have lackluster reviews on Amazon and look pretty cheaply made in my opinion.

    Was brought here by Mommy and Mattling :3
    And I totally agree the Baby Pants pacis are really nice and really affordable.

    This is the one I bought, but they changed the colors since then. When I got mine, they were blue, purple, and hot pink.
    Huge fan of that new mint color though!

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