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Thread: What is Pup Play, in relation to the Furry Fandom?

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    Default What is Pup Play, in relation to the Furry Fandom?

    Howdy folks,

    I've considered myself a fan and member of the furry community for many years, but never felt attached enough to the various fursonas I've thought up that I'd consider getting a fursuit. Now, not one of the animals of which I've commissioned art has been a dog, mind you. For what it's worth, I also wouldn't describe myself as particularly into leather either, at least as a kink.

    Yet the pup-play photosets that find their way onto my Tumblr, with the leather masks and rubber tail-plugs and whatnot, enticed me enough that I have one of each of those coming in the mail soon. I've also got padded mitts, a collar, and leash in my shopping cart, which hopefully I can find some spare cash for in a few weeks.

    Obviously, pup-play has a more intrinsic dom/sub quality about it than most fursuit-wearing does, though both are ultimately roleplaying as animals in one way or another. Would you describe pup-play as a subsection of the general furry fandom? Or does it come from an entirely different category of kink/lifestyle?

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    Like africat said they are different. Pup play is not furry. It is more akin to the master slave set up, but with very relaxed power exchanges. My best friend is a pup and is working to set up the scene in Florida, and he was very active in Texas before he moved.

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    It's a different kink entirely, but I'm sure there's some crossover. I've come across some really good stories on FA involving pup play that were written by people who were also into the whole furry thing.

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    It's basically being treated like a dog. It can cross with diaper/babyfurs though. Like you could be an anthro taking on the role of a feral pup, and you don't know how to wait at the door to go outside cause you're just a baby puppy.

    But on its own, it's neither a furry thing nor an AB/DL thing. That doesn't mean it can't fit right into both.

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    For me personally, pup play is an offshoot of both being a furry and an ab. It's sort of like regression but instead of being a baby human I'm a baby canine. Granted though, I only rarely engage in it.

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    Interesting. I've never been very interested in "pup play" myself (my fursona is a Lynx Canadensis), but to me, as others have said, it has more BDSM connotations. My ex and I explored THAT quite thoroughly... and we did indeed have bondage mittens. If that is what you meant by "padded mitts"... be advised, unless you have a partner to help you, you won't be able to put them on by yourself (nor take them off). But I suppose there is in some ways a lot of overlap between BDSM games and being furry, if pup play appeals to you. For me, they're kind of separate things.

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