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Thread: What would your stripper name be?

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    Default What would your stripper name be?

    Just feeling a bit silly today. I have always thought if my large self ever became a stripper my stripper name would be RainBlow. Because I am gay. Only thing is customers would pay for me to keep the clothing on!

    Any one else ever thought of a funny name they would call themselves if they were a stripper?

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    When I was in college, my boyfriend called me "The French Whore". Now my stripper name would be, "OH God, No One Look!!!".

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    Mine would be TakeMe. Simple and gets to the point...I like it in my bum

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    Min is already taken.


    Or better yet the audience would be calling me/saying "RALPH"

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    Have you ever heard the little word-game about stripper names? Like, use the name of your first pet, the street you grew up on, your mother's maiden name, etc? Mine came out to be Woody Paradis, which I would absolutely use as a stripper name

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    When I stop and think about it... Kimba Starshine could probably be a stripper name. >_>

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