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    One slightly more unusual aspect is the sound of incontinence- I'm a young person who has to wear nappies to deal with double urge incontience.
    There have been several occasions over the past couple of years where people have heard my having an accident into my nappy which is always quite embarrassing.
    Thankfully after so many years of wearing nappies to bed, I've almost become used to the routine of keeping them discrete under my pyjamas. However, when I was in my teenage years, I was at a sleepover with some friends from my school and we were all in the process of waking up in the morning and I happened to have a fairly substantial poop accident whilst half asleep- the guys in the room apparently heard a "rushing and popping noise coming from my under my duvet" to which I obviously had to play oblivious.
    Due to the nature of my medical problems, I don't often realise when I've had an accident and there have been times when I've been with my partner and she has apparently heard me using my diaper- a little bit disconcerting when I'm blissfully unaware that I've had an accident!

    Any advice to cloak the sound of a filling nappy?

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    Not incontinent, but I can't say I've ever noticed a sound when either wetting or messing my diapers. It's probably something I'd enjoy, heh. My best advice if you're trying to mask it would probably be to wear some snug underwear overtop, see if that helps any...

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    I wear snap crotch vests and sometimes pairs of leggings over my nappy to prevent it from sagging- of course, the only issues with wearing something tight over the top is that it causes the poop spread in the diaper which makes everything quite messy!

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    I haven't found one. I know the sound you are talking about. A lot of the time my stomach will get their attention first, then before I can move bam! My stomach make a sound like water draining that can be heard across a room. Then the not so quiet filling of my diaper begins. At least on the bad days my colostomy scar will hurt letting me know to hide from others when it will be at its worst. The other days they maybe less or no noise, but mine is more on the liquid end. So yeah no denying when it happens and is noisy.

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    It is only poop that makes noises that can be heard by others, but they are unavoidable (sorry about the pun - mean can't be prevented if you are voiding). Both to allow the diaper to work and to minimise sound (and if you have any control or warning) it may be better to "let it out" early in as controlled a way as possible and avoid the semi-explosive poopings that are most noticeable and for me the most disconcerting.

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