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Thread: What have you had, or what would you want?

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    Default What have you had, or what would you want?

    Someone recently posted about dream diapers. But what about diaper dreams...

    Has anyone had any diaper dreams? What were they? Or would you want your perfect diaper dream to be?

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    So I guess, I'll have to get the ball rolling on this one.

    - - - Updated - - -

    I got my first pack of ATN's, last night. (Yay) I also ordered some blue plastic pants. I don't remember much else from my dream, but I had on a pair of ATN's. I was running outside, around a house. And it was raining or there were sprinklers on, or something, because I was getting wet (on the outside). As I was running, I was also trying to pull on my blue plastic pants.

    I'm probably pretty average, getting diapers dreams only occasionally, so it's kinda nice.

    Just thought I'd share. Hopefully, some of you will share, too.

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    I remember vividly a dream I had when I was in primary school.

    in my dream my father picked me up from school (this was something that basically never happened) in the old Triumph and in the back was some disposable nappies. I can still feel the solid hard feeling of them and the smooth plastic, see the brilliant white and unbelievably in the last couple of years have found Kolibri Comslips that have the exact feel from my dream.

    disposables were no where near as common back then and I didn't actually know what they felt like but the feeling from my dream kinda became my ideal.

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    I have a lot of dreams where I'm wearing diapers but not a lot of dreams where they're the subject. Sleeping in diapers increases the likelihood by about a factor of 10 or more but it's usually just something casual. On occasion, those casual diaper dreams morph into more significant ones where I suddenly realize it's kind of odd to be walking around in just a T-shirt and a diaper.

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    Can't say I've every had one. Of course I almost never remember any of my dreams either.

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    I've had diaper dreams for most of my life. Even as a little kid I would dream about finding diapers and trying to put them on. The dreams always seemed to end before I could put on the diaper. Either the dream would end or someone would walk in on me. Another reoccurring dream I have is that I'm shopping in some department store. I know I have to walk over to a lower level because that's where the diapers will be. I dream in color, so there are all these colorful plastic pants and diapers. Sometimes I get as far as putting diapers and plastic pants in my shopping cart, before the dream ends.

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    Last night/this morning I had a dream where I was lying in bed on my back and dribbled into my Pull-Up. I'm not sure if I was awake or if the next part was still me dreaming, but then I realized I was in underwear, not training pants, and checked to see if I was wet.

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    I have one every now and then, and usually they're fairly detailed and vivid. I can't specifically remember any one in particular (if I did, some would make great stories).

    I can't really say what my perfect diaper dream would be. If I had to give something, it would probably be something along the lines of my gf and I just lounging around in diapers, changing each other and whatnot.

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