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Thread: How do you hold up a diaper?

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    Question How do you hold up a diaper?

    So recently I have been using my diapers a bit more and they tend to start to sag a bit. Usually I wear some leggings at home but I can't go out in them sadly. I heard some types of womens underwear is good to use to hold it up but what type and what do you do to hold it up?

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    I use micro fiber panties, or onesie to help reduce the sag. Also a slightly snug pair of men's briefs could work too

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    Honestly, the best thing I have found is to use a onesie or Spanx.

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    Should probably mention I need it to be rather inexpensive and easily buyable. I would get a onesie but I can't get any cheaper ones on Amazon

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    Tight men's briefs could work for you. You can also make a onesie out of a real long Tshirt

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    Clicky Keys and others have the right idea - - -

    A type of close tight fitting compression brief of either sex (after all the fly is useless in this case) will work and perhaps allow the wearing of leggings jeggings ph tights etc. if covered with an outer
    garment hiding the bulky baggy appearance of something strange and not usually found under there.
    Minimum diapers to wear other close fitting garments.
    Wearing taped diapers can be made real easy to wear and you don't need to tape them up. Unfold the diaper and lay it in the crotch of the brief and simply pull up the brief and tuck the excess material
    away (in my case I just scissors cut the excess away before this). Now diaper changing is made easier without a total disrobe and trying to position the tape tabs.
    For heavy wetters and WMD # 2 dumps this may result in a problem and too much stuff in a confined compressed area - solution more and frequent diaper changes.
    This idea is not original - probably been noted mentioned several times here before.
    For wearing diapers of any kind under the a for mentioned leggings gear one has to be creative to cover the underpinnings - obviously one does not go out and about in just diapers alone !

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    Generally I don't ever need anything extra for that. I just tape my diaper on snugly (I use confidry). As long as I'm wearing pants or shorts they never really sag all that much. If I'm only wearing a diaper and tee then they do sag a bit more. When that happens I just pull my diaper up again and I'm good for another 30-60 minutes. Of course, when my diaper is sagging that much it's usually time to change anyways.

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    Try a good pair of plastic pants till you save up to get a onsies

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