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Thread: For those who miss the old style Comficares

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    Default For those who miss the old style Comficares

    Hi Guys

    I've just been delivered Forsite AMPM nappies which I bought from ABDL Factory and these nappies are exactly the same as the old style Comficares before the Betterdry took their place.

    The cut, the blue strip in the middle of the nappy, and the same plastic backing.

    These must be made by the same manufactures in China who made the old version comficares.

    So thought I'd let all of you out there know if you still hanker after the old comficares try these. Only downside to them is they have this massive Forsite Logo on the landing strip.

    Click image for larger version. 

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    Good to know. Too bad they have a landing strip for the tapes though. They'd be great diapers if they had a way to get the leg bands snug, but without any lower tapes that's kind of difficult to get.

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    Loved Comficare. Never ordered from ABDL Factory Crinklesounds how long does postage take to the UK? Might just have to try them. :-)

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    I got some forsite diapers from amazon with points i earned doing surveys. They are the thickest disposables i ever saw. I don't mind the landing zone i put the leg tapes on where the landing zone isn't. It works fine.

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    Quote Originally Posted by tiny View Post
    Heh. I prefer the BetterDry ones to the old-style Comficares.
    I would agree with that. I found the fit on the rev1 crinklz to be wide and weird. The overlapping artwork on the front really hurt the looks also. I actually still have several unopened bags. The rev2 are better in pretty much every way. But they're pricey.

    One problem I have with the rev2 are the padding can break up and fall down and pile up in the crotch area when worn (dry) for too long. They're not so much of an "active person" diaper. They really work great overnight though.

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    Hi Tonyh
    The service from ABDL Factory is really good, I bought these on Monday morning and they were delivered to my door Wednesday morning.

    Not bad seeing as it came from the Netherlands.

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    These are amazing. I only wish they were available in the UK without delivery from Europe. The moment these become available.. they will be my go to nappy Love them!

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    I'd love to order these if they were more affordable in the US. They look great but I'm not paying $3 a diaper.

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