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Thread: Suggestions? - Your ultimate "Babysitter" fantasy

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    Default Suggestions? - Your ultimate "Babysitter" fantasy

    So I'm truly not trying to brag or shove this in people's faces, but I have to opportunity to have my girlfriend fulfill my fantasy as I've said in another thread, and the days are counting down.

    I might only get one shot at this, it depends if she wants to do it again or not.

    So only because I've wanted this since I was 6, I wanna get it right!

    I'm looking for ideas. What would you guys want to experience during a Babysitter roleplay experience?

    I want to do it all. Because this might be my once in a lifetime opportunity.

    I've just been out of the AB/DL scene for a long while. And I'm having trouble thinking of stuff. Give me any ideas you guys might have!

    So far here's what I've got:
    -Bubble bath/bath time
    -Watch little kid shows/movie
    -play a little kid game/video game
    -Eat little kid food
    -Bedtime routine
    -Bottle feeding
    -Pacifier, diapers, plushie (of course!)
    -Build a pillow fort
    -Coloring with crayons

    Anything else we can do in the comfort of home?

    I'll take any creative ideas?

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    I saw your other thread where you were a little nervous, but also excited. My recommendation, honestly, is to take it slow. I know you're worried that this might be a once in a lifetime opportunity and feeling some pressure to try and do everything. But even if it is, you'll remember it more fondly if you did one or two things with love and joy than if you tried to cram everything into one night and panicked about it.

    I'd suggest starting slow. Have her help you get your proper little kid clothes on (including diaper), and play quietly with her for a little while. Maybe you can draw together if she also likes that. Then have her help you with dinner and give you a bottle, you can watch some TV or a movie after dinner, and then she can read you a story and put you to bed (which may or may not involve her coming to bed with you, depending on how things go, I'd imagine).

    That's all. A nice, quiet, baby night. Change, play, eat, a little TV time, and then bedtime routine. Make sure to let her know if you have any accidents during that so she can help you get into a clean diaper, and just try to relax and enjoy the experience.

    That's my

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    Absolutely agree with Archie. You've got a big ol list! A few things at a time and remembering that "as a baby, I need x, y and z." Anything beyond that can be a pleasant surprise. She might even take initiative. You gotta give her that opportunity.

    I'd say, nappy, bottle, paci, play a bit (and include her the best you can!), and the bedtime stuffs. Personally, I think otherwise, your list is pretty complete and it just comes down to what an individual desires from there. We've all got somethin' specific to just us that we like or do, and I think you'll find that eventually better than you would asking someone. Just don't try and do everything in one night, okay? Life's a long experience. Gotta have something to do tomorrow! If I take your list and break it up to happen over a week or so, it makes total sense.

    Me, personally? I want a high chair experience. Seems fun and I was always stuck in those things as a kid! I still have the baby picture of me with spaghetti all over.

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    I agree with these two. If you push too hard to make it all happen in one day, you make it more likely that it will not happen again, as she may get tired of it quick. You want to make sure she is happy too, or this will not come again. So when talking over what you want, be sure to get info on what she wants and enjoys, and what her limits might be.

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    toys and nappy checks!

    sometimes we bring small levels of play outside of the home, you two might consider these subtle little things,

    -when eating out, ask her to order for you, (because littles can be too shy)

    -when shopping somewhere together, always stay within arms length, or touching a piece of her clothing, so that you dont wander off *wink*

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    Quote Originally Posted by MommyandMattling View Post
    -when eating out, ask her to order for you, (because littles can be too shy)
    Oooooooooooooooooh, that's a good one! *blush* I ... er ... might, maybe, have to mention that to my nana... *eeeep*!

    -when shopping somewhere together, always stay within arms length, or touching a piece of her clothing, so that you dont wander off *wink*
    Oh yeah, we've done that! Holding hands while walking outside, too!

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    Another point here is if you do try to do everything in your list your first time - what are you going to look forward to next time?

    And another point, by doing so many things in this time-frame, you may be thinking too much about time instead of enjoying the experience. You could be short-changing yourself and her by trying to cut a specific activity off before it naturally ends.

    The bottom line is that I agree with the above posters you say not to try everything your first time.

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    I'm guilty of having my food ordered for me. I can't do it! I clam up pretty quick when it comes time to order..

    Never thought about it much...guess it's just one of those things.

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    I don't know about you. Maybe I'm just weird, but I would LOVE to be spanked. Like a long hard punishment spanking. I really have no idea why I'd like that. I was never spanked, and I've never seen a spanking, but it seems like fun. I'm not into anything beyond this (no extra kinky wax play or nipple clamps). Maybe spanking isn't your thing, but I just thought I'd bring it up (and the related idea of punishment).

    On a side note, you are so LUCKY to have a girlfriend willing to get in on your abdl life.

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    I'm not really into the spanking, just want to be treated nice, that's just me.

    So we had an evening together. It was everything I always wanted really. No, we didn't get to do everything by a mile, you guys were right, way too much!

    Didn't matter. It was the greatest thing ever. My girlfriend was by my side for everything. She even changed me.

    But that's just it. Poor girl is already so sweet. And so great, and works so hard all week (me too, but she particularly hates her current job).

    By the time we ran everywhere to buy stuff, got back and did stuff, and then it was bedtime, her eyes were closing, she was falling asleep. Given, we were very tired at the beginning of the day to begin with.

    So I think, as I lay next to my wonderful girlfriend in a diaper that she put me in (I can't believe it).....I think this is where being fair comes into the fetish. As much as I'd love to.wake up tomorrow and keep going, do a few more things....This is not her fetish. She enjoys the affectionate time, but not really the diaper changing and extra work, I know she's just doing that for me really because she loves me. And I love her.

    So I think tomorrow morning it is time to use the rest of our time together for her, as adults. To take the diaper off on my own, clean myself up, and put the baby stuff away for now.

    I think after making my dream come true, after daydreaming in second grade if I could get some diapers that would fit....All the way until now as an adult.....I think for doing that for me in such a wonderful, understanding way......

    I think it's time for me to take care of her for tomorrow. Do whatever it is she wants to do. Make Her some food. Make her comfortable. Give her whatever it is she wants. And hopefully some weekend day again.....

    She'll babysit me for another night.

    I'm just so endlessly happy that someone....And not just anyone....But her......Finally gave me this. I used to steal diapers from my little sister when I was 6 and they never fit. The tapes popping off was a terrible feeling.

    This time....they fit, they were big, thick, and hugged me, and my babysitter hugged me too.

    I've been fulfilled.

    Now I need to do whatever it is fulfils her.

    Because for some reason or another...She loves me.

    Yes, I suppose I'm very, very lucky.

    Moral of the story....If anyone EVER offers to be a part of your fetish......You'd better be fair about it to them....Limit it.....ENJOY it sure.......But then you also better PAY THEM BACK!

    In full. They don't owe you anything.

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