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Thread: Abu plastic backed preschool

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    Default Abu plastic backed preschool

    Has anyone tried the new Abu Plastic Backed Preschools? I have tried the cloth.....Are they comparable to Pampers?? My dream diaper....I just want to know if they're worth buying

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    I would get one of the sample packs and try them out to see if you like them or not. I prefer the plastic backed to the cloth backed, I think the sides are to stretchy on the cloth backed. They start to stretch out after a few hours of wearing I think. I haven't had that problem out of the plastics. I don't wet or mess in mine so I couldn't say much for their absorbency and what not but they are pretty comfy dry. A bit on the noisier side but most plastic backed tend to be crinkly.

    Like I said the best thing to do is buy a sample pack and try them out to see if you like them or not.

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    I like them but I think sample packs are always the way to go with a new diaper. I took a leap of faith on these because they had a Black Friday offer and got a case and wasn't disappointed but I've had that go badly. A little investigation up-front is worth it.

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    I find that they go on nice and tight. I slept in one once and when i woke up it was all loosened up and kind of discombobulated...very cute though and sound wonderfull

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    Yes they are worth buying.

    I tried a sample pack of M and L, although I am 99% certain that I received 2 large diapers, because I could find no difference in overall length or width, and website indicated mediums out of stock.
    The Preschools kinda remind me of the discontinued Abena M3 plastic. I am not a big fan of graphics on my diapers, but these are cute and I will likely order a case when the Mediums are back in stock.

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    I got the preschool cloth backed, and I think its worth it. I love those for what they are. They can be a little better but I think its pretty great.

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    I think they will be well worth it.

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    I like the plastic-backed preschools, however I had trouble with the tapes. They lost their adhesiveness too quickly, which was disappointing. I wore waist-size medium.

    No idea if they're like Pampers diapers.

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    as far as thickness or ability to hold, does anyone know how they compare to the Abu Cushies?

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    I would assume its very different than cushier, I tried the cloth back preschool a couple months ago, they aren't as thick but the trade off it that they wick better, 4 tapes against the cushies / sdk 2 tapes, also the cut is different. I want to order the plastic back ones also, I like the idea of a thinner diaper for during the day, plus the designs appeal to me better

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