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Thread: Goodnites

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    Question Goodnites

    I'm sorry if there's another thread about this but I couldn't find one.

    I am going to try to start wearing in another couple weeks. Goodnites have been suggested to me to start out with. I don't think I'll wet in them just yet and I've been told that if I do I should do it slowly.

    Those who have tried Goodnites before, girls especially, what was your experience and how would you rate them? I don't want to spend 18 dollars on something that might not pan out well.


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    Not a girl (obviously) but goodnites worked well for me when I could fit into them. I've heard they have gotten a little worse over the years but are still "okay"

    They're not a true diaper so I wouldn't go flooding them... but they should be able to stand up to a slow wetting without too much of a problem.

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    I'm not a girl, however I have tried Goodnites before. Quite frankly they are the worst pullup you can buy. Honestly, unless you are stuck on the whole Goodnite thing, I would recomend Depends Fitted Maximum protection. These however are a tape on and not a pull up, I'm not sure if you just wanted a pull up or were open to any suggestions.

    My experience with them has been that they don't hold much, but you said you didn't plan on using them so I guess that wouldn't be a problem for you. They are also thin (which is good for wearing around freinds and stuff like that) but being thin again means less absorbancy. Well I hope this helps.

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    I'd probly go with those or pull ups untill you get used to wearing. They don't hold as much as most of the other stuff but they're alot more discrete.

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    The only reason you should get them is if they're all you can get. They won't fit that well, they're really thin and they're hardly absorbent at all. If you wet them at any rate faster than a few drops every now and then, they'll just flood and leak everywhere.

    And even if you don't plan to use them, they don't really feel that great. They're good for discreetness because they're so thin - so you can wear them and no one will notice - but this also means it's not particularly enjoyable to wear them.

    They're better than nothing though, so go for them unless you have access to something else.

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    Well I'm a girl and I love them. I don't know why people always say they always leak. The only time they have leaked on me if I have flooded and I sat down right after. I think they fit fine, they fit me and I'm quite curvy, and they can also hold about 3 full wettings, so I say go for it! (Always a bonus that they are cute too!)

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    It depends what you want. If you like cute diapers, and want to wear goodnites because baby diapers won't fit, then I'd say goodnites are a good choice.
    But... If you're after a diaper you can use, that won't leak and all that, then they are a bad choice.
    If you can get adult diapers, then I'd say go for them instead.

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    I think the thing is... she may want some "choice" when it comes to actually going in her pants or not. Regular diapers don't provide that... and any adult-sized pullup sucks... so goodnites are a logical choice.

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    In my experience, I've found adult pull-ups are one hell of a lot better than goodnites!

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    I love them but I feel that they are different than the past time I had them. Also I find that after a night, they are really stretched out. In all, I still love them especially the girls ones.

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