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    Default CVS training pants

    I love training pants, and I like to try them all when I have extra money set aside. I tried to search for a thread on this but I couldn't find any

    Has anyone who lives near a CVS tried their brand of training pants? I thought they would be on the cheap side at first, but they are SUPER cute and feel pretty nice for what you get.

    I just bought two packs for $20! So happy right now! :

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    I think their prints are just as good as the Honest Company.

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    The only training pants I've tried - and probably will ever try - are Pull-Ups. Seeing that, as far as I know, they were the first brand of disposable training pants, to me they're the only real deal. Just one of my personal hang-ups.

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    Given that the CVS bedwetting pants are basically rebranded Goodnites, I am pretty certain that their training pants are basically Pull Ups with different graphics.

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    Correct me if I'm wrong, but I don't believe CVS makes training pants for adults. As such, nobody has tried them because they don't properly fit.

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