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Thread: REGGAE LOVERS! What are you listening to?

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    Cool REGGAE LOVERS! What are you listening to?

    Hey all! Are there any reggae fans out there?! What are you listening to?!

    I love all sorts of music, and I know reggae isn't the most popular kind of music. I guess I fell in love with it when I got a bit depressed once and a friend put on some really soothing reggae... You couldn't help but relax, smile, and slowly sway in time to the "riddim" (as I believe they call it).

    Anyway, I've discovered a lot of reggae over the years, but I still don't know much. So... I just wondered if anyone else is into it, and what kind of stuff you like? And... what have you been listening to recently?

    I heard this the other day and have it stuck in my head now. It's Blam Blam Fever by The Valentines:

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    A little overproduced for my taste, but I do like ska and reggae. I have some in my collection, but you remind me that I'm past due for some trips to used record stores.

    Rude Boy reminded me that I have a few live tracks from a Ska group called Heavy Manners. A live show broadcast here in Chicago many moons ago when FM stations used to do that kind of thing. I converted most of it to mp3, and a few tracks surface in my playlists now and again "Rude Boys" being one of them. Best enjoyed in summer on the patio, loud enough to annoy the cretins behind me with their 5 loud cretin children.

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    I'll repost from te other thread

    I dunno honestly. I haven't watched cops in years, and I'm not a reggae guy but it just came to me. And it's been on repeat on my Spotify for 2 days.

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    I like a lot of dancehall/rub'n'dub so Taiwan MC, Charlie p, mungos Hi Fi, Ackboo, etc etc
    but my all time favourite is Kanka - steppa style. but my favourite artist is brother culture but I started out whit the marly brothers and still listen to them from time to time. list goes on and on

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    My wife is polynesian (Tongan) so I've been listening to a lot of pacific reggae like Common Kings (actually saw them with backstage passes), J Boog, Three Houses Down etc.

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    Some cool suggestions -- keep 'em coming! :-)

    I was browsing my collection and came across this today, which I really like. It's Buk-in-hamm Palace by Peter Tosh. I often groan at yet another reggae song repeatedly making references to weed, but this one just gets me singing along regardless!

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    I'm more of a Ska (late 50's - early 60's) and Rocksteady kind of guy, but I do love me some Skinhead Reggae

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    Just the mention of the word "rocksteady" makes me think of Rocksteady by Alton Ellis:

    Love it!

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    Saw something on Reddit last night about some Bob Marley lost concert tapes being found and reconditioned. I'm sure somebody either has or will publish... have to look into that.

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    Israel Vibrations "Strength of My Life" It was the first reggae CD that I listened to and i still go to it to this day. I am also a SOJA fan and will jam out to "Born in Babylon" almost anytime.

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