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Thread: Dignity PM Overnight w/ Curly Fiber

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    Default Dignity PM Overnight w/ Curly Fiber

    Hey guys!

    I'm restocking my stash again, and have noticed one variety of very inexpensive padding (roughly 0.50/diaper at the bag level), the Dignity PM Overnights. On NorthShore and DiaperBuys, its absorbency is listed as 4/5 (the same level as Abena, Dry 24/7, and Wellness Superio) and 'Night Time' (the same level as Tena Super) respectively. Originally I was going to opt for Tena Supers or Tranquility ATNs, but I figured for that price, I'd give something new a try.

    Now, at that price, clearly I'm not truly expecting Dry 24/7-level absorbency. I know DiaperBuys has some issues with its ranking system (it claimed Presto Plus was 'Maximum'-level ) and the NorthShore system seems to be biased as well (they reserve 5/5 status solely for their own Supremes), but can anyone testify to the real capacity of these Dignity PMs? I had only planned on using them for day-wearing or the base-layer of a double diaper; do you think they can handle much more than that? Did I just waste my money?

    Thanks in advance

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    I'm not sure how old you are or what kind of experience you have. Depend used to have an overnight diaper and it basically had the additional capacity of 2 diapers split between the rest of the pack. There was really not much difference between the two. Still pretty bleh.

    I personally haven't tried that specific brand, but at that price point, you get what you pay for. I wouldn't really expect it to be better than store brand.

    If you want to save money for something better, you'd be better off buying wholesale from manufacturers.

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    I've been trying out as many different brands as possible since 2013; having already tried basically all the 'gourmet' or high-end diapers, I'm looking for something cheap to make my stash stretch out for a bit longer. I'd planned on getting a case of either Tena Super or Tranquility ATN, but since these Dignity PMs seem to come at a slightly better price point, I'm trying a bag out before I jump into a big purchase.

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    I would recommend the Tranquility ATN for daytime use.

    I have tried the Dignity PM and they are a large cloth-backed diaper, with ok capacity but the wicking speed sucked and they leaked on me. I don't think they have leak guards.

    The ATNs are plastic with leg guards and moderate SAP

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    They finally came!

    They're very stiff, as far as cloth-backed goes, and feel pretty thin when dry. Reminds me a bit of Pampers Swaddlers. They do have leak guards, and were able to handle 2-3 decently sized wettings with no issues. I'll probably end up using them with stuffers for work, since they're very quiet and don't have a prominent bulge.

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