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Thread: Re-taping plastic-backed Attends with waistband?

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    Default Re-taping plastic-backed Attends with waistband?

    After three years in pull-ups I recently switched to diapers, partially because over the past six months or so I've started having small (mess) accidents a few times a week… I change immediately when it happens, but wearing pull-ups with bowel issues made me nervous about smell, even in the few minutes between having an accident and getting into a bathroom stall to change. I like the plastic backing of the Attends for controlling odor (I really don't want to start wearing plastic pants) but part of what I miss about pull-ups is that I could use the toilet for bowel movements without fully changing. Even the Abena I used before ordering the Attends (which I love: could be re-taped if I was nervous about not having enough changes with me to waste a barely-used diaper.

    But the Attends have to stay on until I'm ready to change them; they can't un-tape without ripping holes in the plastic, and the fit is almost too good… they're impossible to slide down, like with a pull-up.

    The reason it's an issue is that I typically have 4-6 bowel movements a day at irregular intervals (so twenty minutes apart or four hours apart) and I usually have five, ten, fifteen minutes to find a bathroom (the actual accidents I have are smaller, and usually occur within an hour of a large BM, with zero notice… sometimes I don't even feel it.) At home I've been messing myself if I know I'll need a change within the next hour and I can shower, but when I'm in public the accidents are already enough of a hassle.

    My diapers are covered by insurance, but I don't like being wasteful and I don't like having to change so frequently… is there a way to re-tape the Attends somehow? I think I've seen packing tape mentioned to create landing strips, but I'm not sure how this would work. I'm also not wanting to carry extra changing supplies, but I guess I could maybe prepare them at home if this were to work? And will the tapes be more likely to come undone? The stickiness of the Attends tapes is a blessing and a curse lol

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    if you are very careful you sometimes can untape them (have to be really slow), that said you might do better with the non waste band variety as they have trap tapes, I have been using those at work with a stuffer lately. When wearing the waste band variety I generally just slide them down and up

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    I sometimes put a piece of clear packing tape on my Molicares before heading out even though they have tapes that gives you two goes at taping them up. Also a smaller piece of tape over top of the diapers built in tape can help secure it in place. I use gaffer material type tape for this as it's nice and thick and you can peel it back fairly easily.
    Another trick I use is to cut some pieces of the gaffer tape into strips and tape them to each other, that way you can peel off a piece and use it for emergency taping, and being nice and flat they fit neatly in your pocket instead of being a cumbersome roll.

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    You could look into Tena Flex diapers as an alternative. When things were starting to get worse for me, but it was still possible for me to reach a toilet most of the time Tena Flex were wonderful. They provided a decent level of protection, were very discreet, performed fairly well, were easy to change and use, and allowed for toileting by design. They allowed to me to use the toilet if I could get to one, but had the protection I needed if I failed. I still keep a few around in case of digestive flareups that can cause multiple trips to the toilet a day. I hate to waste other, better, more expensive products just because of multiple removals and such.

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    I've always had good luck shimmying my diaper down for #2, and hauling out a leg cuff for #1 where needed

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    Even with a good fitting diaper you can usually get out of them without too much trouble (unless you have big hips).

    While standing up, lean forward at the waist. Next pull down the back of the diaper and inch or more if you can. Now stand straight up again and pull down the front of the diaper as much as you can again. Most times I only need to do this once to get my diaper past my hips, after that they will pull down the rest of the way really easy. If not, then I just repeat this again and all is good. Pulling them back up is the reverse.

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