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Thread: mexico us wall

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    It's ridiculous. Mexico isn't paying for that goddamned wall, neither are we. Trumpler's idiots can pay for it if they want it so bad.

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    Waste of money. waste of time. with a country with 2 oceans on either side, as well as an entire northern border, its ridiculous to think that people who travel almost the entire length of central america and mexico are going to be stumped and stopped by a wall.

    It's also ridiculous to believe trump when he says mexico will pay for the wall. His plan to tax imports into the country by mexico, the figure he gave is 20%, will only drive mexican importers to raise their base price, and in the end its the american consumer who pays for a useless wall.

    even more brutal, is when the mexican importers start to raise their prices by more then 20% so they can make extra money.

    when even the top ranked border patrol chief takes a stand against the wall, as not what is needed to combat illegal immigration, you know your supporting a project by big business, for big business, as well as the naive and wishful thinkers.

    There is a reason why we do not have a wall in place already. its because previous presidents, despite public outcry recognize that building a wall, is an over simplified measure to stop a problem.

    as a fun fact, even the great wall of china was not successful, never mind the sheer distance that must be patrolled, frequently, the people guarding the wall would be away from home for months if not years at a time, and guess who they turned too for social interaction or goods trading? the people on the other side of the wall, and when they wanted to get through, hell whats a favor for a friend?
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    It would be cheaper to purchase and annex the country of Mexico.

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    I don't mind have the wall
    I prefer upgrading the boarder and focus on stopping the drug, human, and illegal immigrant trafficking. Also destroying the cartels that are involved with the trafficking. Plus I wont hurt if Mexico will grow a pair and take care of their own side of the Border

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    It's a bad idea. The tax is also a bad idea. Because I don't want to pay that, and like me, others won't, and the money won't go to Mexico, and will lead to even more unemployment, and that itself only increases the threat of illegal immigration. So he lied and is trying to make us pay for the wall, which also won't happen. Also are we going to acknowledge the geographical issues that make a wall impossible? I mean rivers and other bodies of water interact with the border. People own property that interacts with the border as well. Not a lot of thinking going on. I guess people forgot how hard it was to even put a fence up. Ugh.

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    Quote Originally Posted by KawaiiBabyjenni View Post
    It won't happen. Trump is a joke! He won't last the term.
    I'm sorry I beg to differ I believe he could last 8 years.
    you know what's a real joke that march for women from last week now that was embarrassing, nothing says woman's Pride then dressing in a vagina suit and being an idiot.

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    He'll probably build it, then send a bill to Mexico. They obviously won't pay it, so he'll try and "deduct" it from the national debt portion we owe Mexico. Too bad it doesn't work that way though.

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    Quote Originally Posted by MommyandMattling View Post
    stumped and stopped by a wall
    Trump thinks this is how well his wall will work lol

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