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Thread: Excited about my Mega Diaper Sample pack.

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    Default Excited about my Mega Diaper Sample pack.

    So I just ordered a bunch of samples from a couple different online retailers and I will post each one below and the quantity I will receive. Basically I want to know which diaper is your favorite and what you like about it. This is the first time I have been able to purchase Premium diapers for myself.

    1x AB Universe Cushies

    1x AB Universe Lavender Unscented

    1x Fabine Teddy Gold Max

    1x Aww So Cute Blue Teddy print

    1x Barebums

    1x Abena L4 Large size

    1x Rearz Princess Large size

    1x Rearz Safari

    2x Dry 24/7

    2x Bambino Classico

    2x Rearz Inspire ABDL Diaper

    2x Molicare Super Plus Brief

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    I love the Rearz Safari

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    I've tried all of these except the Fabines and Barebums. They all have their pros and cons. The only one I was not really impressed with was the Aww So Cute. They're ok play diapers, but that's about it I think. My favorates of these are the Rearz, Abena, and Bambinos. Though I found like the newer Bambino designs better. Have fun testing and finding what you like.

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    Thank you, I will be reviewing each one after I use them.

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