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Thread: Personal Care Medical Supplies, Fort Wayne, Indiana. ABDL Open House

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    Default Personal Care Medical Supplies, Fort Wayne, Indiana. ABDL Open House

    Personal Care Medical Supplies first ABDL Open House!!!
    Date: 3/4/17
    Time: 11am-2pm
    Location: Fort Wayne, Indiana
    My fiance and I are planning on going

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    I would love to go, i'm from Illinois orginally

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    Purchased some lil squirts from them while I was in fort Wayne on business. Laura is amazing, super accommodating great business!!

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    Lora, told me that she ordered and BUNCH of stuff, like diapers, bibs, oneies, paci, ETC.
    With the discount for the open house, I bet they'll be gone.
    And also Gift Bags for us WOOT.
    And Mommy/Daddy/Caregivers are welcome too!!!

    To us who are planning on going, we make a gift, like toys, colored coloring book, craft stuff, ETC.
    Just to show them that we love and a appreciate them.

    And I to those who are not planned on going, or haven't decided, please consider on going, if not then message them on Facebook on how much you appreciate them for doing this at least. Just to show some love.

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    Awh, I'd love to visit! Some day maybe we'll have a shop like this in Fort Worth, Tx.

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