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Thread: Why the Love for Pampers?

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    Default Why the Love for Pampers?

    This is something I've noticed and figure it could make an interesting discussion topic.

    It seems in the AB/DL community, Pampers are generally more popular than Huggies. I'm sure it has something to do with the fact that Pampers are easier for adults to wear and mod with their stretchiness. I've also noted people referencing the way they swell, along with the scent.

    But could it be more than that? After all, it seems like for some people, ''Pampers'' is synonymous with ''diapers'' in a way that ''Huggies'' (or even Luvs) is not. Could it have something to do with Pampers being on the market first? (According to Wikipedia, Pampers were introduced in 1961, while Huggies were first test marketed in 1968 and released in 1978, although Kimberly-Clark did have the Kimbies brand before that.)

    For me personally, I have a stronger attraction to Huggies which I think I can trace back to my childhood. My first love in the world of diapers was Pull-Ups (even though I didn't get my hands on them until years later, but that's another story). Anyway, since Huggies made Pull-Ups, I guess somewhere along the line that just put them in my mind as the ''superior and true'' baby-diaper brand over Pampers.

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    Because of Size 7 Cruisers, strecher sides, cute designs, and big absorbency! I love Pampers more in my opinion.

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    does anyone think that maybe just maybe the smell of pampers has something to do with it pampers always has that nice scent to them before they become "used" of course.

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    I was kind of lucky when I was younger and vividly remember being exposed to all 3 brands. My grandmother babysat a bunch of kids and their parents all had their favorite brand for their babies and toddlers.

    I would "borrow" one or two if they had a lot in their diaper bag whenever I would get a chance and hide them for later in the evening. I remember pampers was always a jackpot for me because I loved the way they felt and seemed to stretch and fit me way better than the other brands. All the way up until I was around 9 or 10 when I finally grew out of them. Then babies apparently started becoming bigger and pampers came out with size 6 and I could fit in them until I was about 13. I finally reached a point where baby diapers just wouldn't work anymore and Huggies had their goodnites but it just was never the same feeling again.

    I'll always have a nostalgia for pampers, the look and feel of their old plastic backed diapers from the 80s and 90s. I was glad that abu came out with the sdks but all they managed to replicate was the landing zone print. Sadly I have yet to find a diaper that truly replicates the look, feel, and smell of those diapers. I keep hoping I stumble across one some day, it will quickly become my new favorite brand.

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    I personally like the smell of pampers and the fact that their quality is generally better than other brands. However I have to say the most absorbent diaper I've ever tried from the baby diaper selection is probably Luvs. Recently I've noticed that size 7 has gotten SMALLER than size 6 which is unfortunate.

    Edit*: I also agree with what Venesha said, if anyone ever came out with a diaper that replicated the look and feel and smell of those older 80s and 90s pampers that would be amazing.

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    Being in Australia I associate more with Huggies and Snugglers nappies but agree with American TV Pampers seems basically another word for Diapers.

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    Oh, how I miss those 90's pampers...

    When I was a kid, I used to like Luvs the best, but modern pampers are so stretchy, soft, and adorable. I mostly wear ABDL diapers nowadays, but when I'm in the mood to wear baby diapers, they're the ones that fit the best.

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    My reasons for preferring Pampers (and Luvs) are mostly practical: They're a little larger than Huggies, and a LOT stretchier. I do also like the scents.

    That said, I still enjoy Huggies, and have many fond memories of them from my youth. In my early teens, I was quite fond of the Huggies Baby Steps diapers, and bought them almost as often as Pampers Phases. (In both cases, I would buy the girls' kind.) As I got bigger, though, I just naturally found myself seeking out the baby diapers that worked better on my larger body, and mostly those were Pampers.

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    I do not have much more to add to this thread except that the Pampers packets always looked better than Huggies. I found the Pampers packaging really sang to the past and the iconic logo is so recognisable to everyone.

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    I think I liked Huggies or Luvs more just because their name sounded cuter... but at this point anything that's adult sized but looks like it's for babies is a thrill!

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