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Thread: Wearing Pampers/modifiying for adult use?

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    Default Wearing Pampers/modifiying for adult use?

    I know a lot of people argue against adults wearing baby diapers, I know i can buy ones that fit me better. But I really like pampers, and they feel the best to me. Anyone have experience modifying them to make them fit better? I have a 34" waist.

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    Your best option would to buy this. It will allow you to wear baby diaper.

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    I like to just tear off the tabs, then use my adult diaper to hold them in place.

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    We have an article about making extenders here:

    I have my own method of wearing Huggies Pull-Ups, by simply taking a pair of panties I've cut the crotch out of (or briefs for guys), and using diaper and safety pins to attach the Pull-Up in its place.

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    There are a few options
    1. You can cut it up and use it as a stuffer, probably not what you want as this won’t retain the little space at all unless thickness is the appeal to you, its also pretty messy.
    2. You can follow Cottontail’s Diaper Extender tutorial (there also is some company making them professionally but I can’t for the life of me remember what they are called and google is not being helpful)
    3.there are specially made diapers designed to mimick baby diapers like preschool
    4.You can buy a modified one off ebay, the quality can vary greatly from seller to seller, so beware if doing that

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    Today i purchased a pack of pampers size 6+ to use as stuffers in side an adult diaper... have used three and am thoroughly enjoying the experience... they hold so much and the size they swell to is amazing... and no leaks

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