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    Hey, my name here is SevenDeuce. I feel like it's been long enough since I've been active to deserve another intro post.

    A kind of update on my original intro, but my name comes from Texas holdem' poker, where 7-2 is the worst hand possible. My name's Brandon and I consider myself a relatively normal guy. I work 50-60/hours a week at two sandwich shops as a shift manager. When I'm not working, I typically find myself chilling alone or with a select few people.

    Honestly, I feel my life is pretty shitty, which is the main reason I'm trying to get back in touch with this community. I feel like I need people to talk to. I've been pretty depressed for a while now. I can't seem to find enjoyment from anything. I used to like plucking at the guitar, playing some poker, making sketches in my sketchbook, or even just kicking/passing around a ball with friends, but now I don't want to do any of that, just sleep. I may make a blog post detailing that more soon, but for now I'll just leave it with that I don't find anything really enjoyable during my day to day life, so it makes things harder, not having things to look forward to.

    I'm not sure what exactly I'm into at this point. I know I enjoy wearing and using diapers as they were intended and that I like regressing into a baby girl position (as apposed to a baby boy) but beyond that, I haven't had the chance to explore further.

    I'll leave it at that for now, if anyone wants to ask questions, feel free, I'm a pretty open person.

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    Hello SevenDeuce and welcome back to the group.


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