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Thread: I hate some online games.

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    Default I hate some online games.

    I've noticed that with "some" online games, they absolutely suck for the sheer fact the people who are playing them are complete idiots who don't know what there doing. (don't bash me for this)

    For example GTA Online, I've had times where I've been targeted by specific people and it makes the game not enjoyable in free roam, for example I could randomly leave my apartment and get quick scopes, or have people press the buzzer and kill me, makes it worthless to play. Have had people gang up and kill me so many times I spawn in the middle of no where, than I have to walk for 45 minutes to get back to where I wanted to go, it gets to the point I practically have to put myself on passive mode 24/7, which takes the fun out of things.

    Racing games, half the people in the race are either dipshits who don't know how to race, or they all gang up on you by knocking you off the road, resulting in two cars being left on the god damn race track, you could be doing great, than 6-7 cars ram you and themselves off the road.

    Roblox, don't really hate this one tbh, but it gets annoying sometimes, as everyone will go towards the car or the plane and try and all get in at once even though the plane or the car is actually a prop, and the whole purpose is to survive the weather disaster. It's funny cause it's always the same people who are doing it, monkey see monkey do so to speak, drives me bonkers on the bright side I'm the one surviving as I'm not the idiot who keeps doing the same god damn thing 100 times in a row.

    Last and not least, pay to win games, I generally avoid them, as no matter what you do, someone who pays $100 dollars will always beat you, I've experienced this with need for speed world, and god damn boost nonsense, not once would I ever win that game, because everyone else has god damn boost. With most pay to win games, you can spend hours levelling up and have some level one noob beat you all because they spent $50 on crappy premium items, while your items (free) are practically as useless as a rock.

    I think that is it for now, had to share my bad experiences with online games.

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    People being jerks ruins online games for me sometimes.
    Not doing too well? "lmao fukkin noob"
    Winning ? "fuk u!!!"
    Not a fan of behavior like that.

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    Oh god I know that feeling. I now avoid online games like the plauge.
    I tried Battlefield 4 for the first time in years a couple of days ago, and it's the worst online game I've ever played. I'm rank 14, everone else is rank 100+. Everyone has every weapon, attachment, gadget unlocked while I only have the starter weapons. It's impossible to play because it's just so unfair for new players. You had to have played it since it was first released and keep playing to stay at the same level as everyone else. I feel really sorry for the people who just bought the game and get destroyed in their first 5 rounds. It's very unbalanced. So I'm not going to touch it again for another 3 years.

    I don't know why I decided to give it a play, because I hate online games because of the competition. Games are supposed to be fun, and I can't have fun when I'm competing. But the purpose of online games are to compete with others, so I guess online games are a no-go for me now, and it's a shame because I used to play them all the time back in 2008 and I was pretty damn good at them.

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    I hate online gaming for the exact opposite reason.

    I'm a casual gamer and prefer to have fun gaming, not competing with who's best. When you go online there is always a bunch of over-competitive people who won't give anyone else a chance to camp out or completely clean out area before moving on. What's worse are the adhd jackholes who actually think speed runs and kill counts are all that matters. No thanks, give me story mode any day.

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    For me, it really depends on the game. FPS games I no longer play online because I am not a big fan of the way people tend to play. It's not like they are playing "wrong", it's just not how I prefer to play. An example of this is how so many people use a sniper as their main weapon and just run around with it and snipe people using it like a normal gun. Now that is the standard to being seen as a good player. But from my perspective is it's taking advantage of game mechanics that were really never meant to be used in that way. Which as I said, it's fine because it's part of the game. I just personally do not like it when weapons and such are not used the way they were intended to be used XD.

    I think the last online FPS game I played was Counter-Strike: Source.

    I do play MMORPGs quite a bit though, and it's really the only type of online game I play these days.

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