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Thread: Should I be concerned.

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    Default Should I be concerned.

    I noticed on facebook, a compulsive liar randomly blocked me for no reason, but before than I noticed that people have been randomly unfriending / blocking me for some unknown reason.

    Is something occurring behind my back that I'm not aware about, not that I care too much, just seems odd how people are just blocking me for no good reason, who happen to be friends with said person.

    I don't know why people go though the effort to fucking backstab me, what did I ever do to them, nothing nudda.

    Usually shit like this happens when people make up rumours, or try and ruin me. I've had it happen so many times It's become a common thing.

    Last time this happened, someone created a fake account, going around asking people for sex, and before I know it, some idiot was going around telling everyone it was me, long story short, I kept getting dirty looks and having people hate me for no reason.

    Obviously I have nothing to do with it, and I've got a basic idea of who it is, but obviously can't prove anything.

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    I would say not to worry, but to be honest ... I would be a hypocrite. After all, I been blocked here on adisc by someone I liked. It bothers me every day and is most certainly concerning. However, I wouldn't be like me. I am bad at things like this and can't seem to just brush it off like most can. Things like this harm me a great deal.

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    Quote Originally Posted by MarchinBunny View Post
    I would say not to worry, but to be honest ... I would be a hypocrite. After all, I been blocked here on adisc by someone I liked. It bothers me every day and is most certainly concerning. However, I wouldn't be like me. I am bad at things like this and can't seem to just brush it off like most can. Things like this harm me a great deal.
    Usually most of the time when I get blocked, it's someone trying to start shit, by spreading rumours etc, that's why I'm concerned, :P but I'll try, but I'm sure something stupid will spring up and I'll get blamed for that.

    To give you an idea of how bad those rumors got, ie me sneaking in and stalking girls, me being a paedophile etc, the guy who accused me of being a paedophile, later on got exposed as one, apparently he did that with a lot of people, while the stalking girls thing was made by the persons friend because they wanted to join in on the "nonsense" I mean very serious stuff. (it was bullying at it's finest, usually people commit suicide over stuff like this) some of my suicidal thoughts still stem from this nonsense.

    That's why I'm a bit paranoid lol, in the course of a year, it went from me apparently hating someone, to full on having sex with animals, being a male hooker etc, bullshit so crazy I don't get how anyone can literally think any of it's true.

    I've had a lot of friendships destroyed because of this bullshit, and it's hard to mend, when people get to them, no longer have a bond with my childhood friend, poor guy doesn't believe a word I say, even though the rumours are so crazy there isn't anyway they hold any evidence.

    The problem is, I only know about 5% of all these rumours, most of the time they block me, or do it behind my back so I've got no clue what goes on until, I randomly have someone slap me in the face, or wanting to kill me.

    Although I've never mentioned this here, this is a major factor for my depression.

    Luckily most of it stopped a year so ago and didn't escalate to the point it ruined my life, but it gets me concerned as crap like this can always "spring up again" and lets say false accusations can do a lot of damage, and even ruin someone.

    I'll take your advice and ignore it, eventually I'll change my name and start fresh anyways.
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    Anyone who would block/unfriend you based on someones lies and opinions without even asking you if it's true or enquiring about it in any other way, they are not real friends and are probably as petty as the person who was spreading the lies. I wouldn't worry about it. Imagine it as trying to look out of a window thats covered in feces, and then it rains and washes it all away. It's a problem thats sorting it'self out

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    So, I'm one of those weird people who shuns Facebook. I had an account there once, and because they kept changing privacy options and settings without notice, I got annoyed and walked away. So take this with an appropriate measure of salt. ^^;

    As PQNY suggested, I don't think it's fair to say that you've really lost any friends due to rumors. They weren't your friends to begin with, it only seemed that they were. Your real friends will not be so easily dissuaded by stupid crap like that.

    Also, I've actually heard of worse than this, believe it or not. My ex visited a forum, a long time ago... and there was someone there who registered MANY usernames and then pretended to be several different people. There was drama involved because "they" would have arguments with each other, and get other people involved in that. It took a long time for anyone to figure out what was going on. But in the interim, it created quite a mess. It was pretty ridiculous.

    Some people just have nothing better to do with their time than create havoc. For my part, I say... screw them. And screw everyone who looks down on you because of stupid rumors too. They can all go jump off a cliff. You don't need them. Making REAL friends is more important, and their opinions should count more heavily than "friends" who believe crazy rumors like that.

    Anyway, I have a horse I want to go have sex with now... oh and later I need to get dressed up so I can work as a hooker. (LOL, sorry, trying to bring a little levity. It's just too ridiculous so I couldn't quite leave it alone. ^^; )

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    Don't think too much into social media. People are weird.

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    I wouldn't try to guess what's going on if no one's said anything. That kind of thinking just makes you paranoid and thinking the worst!

    The easiest way to figure out if anyone is badmouthing you is to just ask them in person, next time you see them. That way you can respond to anything there and then and figure out if your mate is really a mate, or... whatever.

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    A lot of my friends deleted me on Facebook. Probably because I don't really like the site & rarely login. At least two of them were among my best friends at one time. They moved to facebook because I guess AIM wasn't good enough anymore. Plus, they were just generally more busy IRL.

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